1. bal canavar

    British Mother shock...

    If true shame on Daesh and and this sick British mother Sally Jones (or any mother that could do below, and allow thier child ) who took her children to Syria to fight for DAESH It is alleged Sally Jones from Chatam Kent UK ( known Daesh propagandist ) has allowed her 11 year old...
  2. bal canavar

    Shock Divorce

    D'oh! Homer and Marge set to split on 'The Simpsons' D'oh! Homer and Marge split on 'The Simpsons' -
  3. immac

    Locks - Shock

    I have had a wake-up-call this week with my front door locks. Aware that I was not fully using the locks when leaving the apartment I was looking for an easy fix. I am in the habit of just closing the door behind me, which effectively leaves the single door handle catch as the only security. I...
  4. bal canavar

    Men ,Women swim together Shock

    Women, men swim together to protest Antalya women’s only beach. Women, men swim together to protest Antalya women’s only beach A group of people, including female and male members of Antalya People’s House (Halkevi), swam together on Aug. 24 to protest the city’s new women’s only beach. The...
  5. bickern

    Anderson Silva Shock

    One of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time suffered a horrific injury in front of millions of fans Saturday night after he broke his leg during a championship fight that was being broadcast live around the world. Anderson Silva BROKEN LEG IN FIGHT VS CHRIS WEIDMAN SCARY...
  6. B

    Nation in shock???????

    I'M A CELEBRITY: Shock As Jungle Favourite Joey Essex Evicted, Along With Amy Willerton! The Nation certainly isn't in shock.(and I am part of this Nation) I know that I'm certainly not. This is a programme I have never watched, so I can't honestly say I know...
  7. Ceni

    Shock, Horror!

    He's lied for 10 years! Is anyone *kin surprised, he's a MP Can't wait to see what silly "token" sentence he gets.
  8. perfect1949

    what used to shock us , now anything goes

    a bit of nostalgia for the forum . dave Adult movie posters from the 50s and 60s seem tame mext to today's limitless online porn | Mail Online
  9. Sailor

    GAA shock of the year

    As a Galwayman living in cork i just have to let everyone know how proud I am of the Galway hurling team today in taking Kilkenny to the cleaners :yipee: ....and with the final day of the Volvo Around the World Race week today, its only going to be the party of all parties!!! The Championship...
  10. M

    Shock horror

    I am not one for complaining about prices of drinks/food etc but we have been drinking in Big Bens on the front all winter.A pint of draught beer has been 3:50,okay so far.We expected it to go up once the summer season started and it did, last week it went up to 4tl. Fair enough, "problem yok"...
  11. SonnyJim

    Avatar Pictures!! Shock Horror!!

    I was so relieved when KKOB changed his picture from that awful ..... don't really know what it was - snarling, blood curdling THING!!! Thanks KKOB, much more chilled now! Have just noticed that now Yalides has moved to the horror theme :boink: Last night I watched a bit of that film called...
  12. arrian

    Blind Date Shock!!!!

    how weird is this!!! Woman?s Blind Date With Long Lost Brother - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  13. Yalides

    July joke thread

    One afternoon a Scotsman was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass. Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate. He asked one man, "Why are you eating grass?" "We don't have any money for food," the poor man replied. "We have...
  14. shirleyanntr

    big shock

    some shocks are worse than others..some are easy to take in..and others you just cant fathom out..:confused: for me ..this weeks shock was learning that Terry the Celt was a fan of Lady Ga Ga.:46: Yes..our stop smoking.. clean up front life.. theres no unmarried mothers or swearing in my back...
  15. peter the postie

    Moderator in danger of being banned shock!!!

    TLF Moderator Gail is in serious danger of being banished from the TLF Clique after posting inflammatory comments on the groups board. Gail commented "This is a rubbish clique, I want to be in a clique where we get free cadburys chocolate and fruit pastilles and I don't think I am going to get...
  16. shirleyanntr

    i'm in shock

    i just replied to a post on 'Trip Advisor' and had a message that my post contained profanities ie cum heres part of what i wrote... the Katakomba is a big karaoke cum dance bar with a large floor so you and your boy can boogie the night away. have fun and dont forget the sun cream..its...
  17. SAMIMI

    Culture shock - what is your experience?

    Now that my honeymoon period of living in Turkey has passed, I find myself getting angry and frustrated at how things are done differently here in Turkey. I try to analysis it and am coming round to accepting that life is indeed different here. I have to work hard at trying to integrate into...
  18. bickern

    Student's £100bn overdraft shock

    A student from Ayrshire was left in a state of shock when his online banking statement showed him to be overdrawn by almost £100bn. Donald Moffat, 38, from Irvine, said that on Tuesday morning his Barclays account was showing two separate withdrawals of £50bn. The bank said a "technical...
  19. R

    Tapu Shock

    Have just returned from the local Tapu Office.Very Briefly, my wife has no children and I have two.She wanted to sell me her 50 % share of the property then she could leave her Adopted daughter the money.OK, not a problem or so I thought.Tapu Office told me ( and we went to the top man ) that...
  20. Joe in Tasucu

    A short cultural shock

    When one moves abroad one expects some differences. Johnny Foreigner is, after all, a rum cove. Astounding, atrocious, amoral behaviour are not so much expected as, well to be frank, hoped for. However in moving to Turkey one couldn't help notice the number of men, grown men mark you, who were...
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