1. tykatem

    EU votes that National Sports Shirts to carry EU flag.

    The EUSSR have voted that all EU nations national teams should wear the EU flag on their sports shirts. Although it is allegedly voluntary whats the betting we will end up doing it. Considering the current state of the Euro zone finances, perhaps the EUSSR anthem should be changed to "Brother...
  2. pineapple1

    Ladies tlf T shirts PLEASE !!!!

    Well i cant speak for other ladies , But I think its about time Ladies had more feminie T shirts , The ones featured are manly , Or i could sleep ine them !!! A nice slevveless v kneck would be lovely Or even a Strappy one for those long very hot days , I no i would buy a couple and...
  3. M

    Men and shirts

    This is just to air my views about ? dress codes. Swim shorts or trunks are fine on the beach or in your own home, but please, in Supermarkets, Cafes and Restaurants, could you Gents display a bit of decorum and put a shirt on, there is nothing pretty about your hairy chests and bellies and...
  4. P

    People wearing TLF T shirts

    I just wondered if people have seen anyone out and about in the resort wearing their TLF T shirts this summer? Or their flashing keyrings for that matter? Hope they were a success!
  5. Andy

    T Shirts it is then POLL

    As most members want shirts, here is a poll to see which design you want to go with Mushtaq's choice of Logo.
  6. jnj

    Tee shirts

    We've owned our villa for 2 years and totally love visiting Kusadasi. Just spent 10 days there and really did not want to return. HOWEVER what has kinda spoiled it this year were the large numbers of shopkeepers who lept off seats or out of doorways to grab you for business. This year was...
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