1. bal canavar

    ShirleyannTR Remembering

    Remembering Shirley who passed three years ago, a great person and poster on TLF ..... A very keen and informative lover of TLF and Turkey and its politics. I often wonder what she would think of it now? ... disappointed I would say. Hear is thinking of you Shirley ......... In many...
  2. Sunny Seasider

    Remembering our Shirleyanntr

    About this time last year on a Wednesday evening, here I was, as was usual of an evening, sat chatting on Facebook to my lovely friend Shirley, Shirley was, as ever, enjoying her evening sat on her balcony, sharing good times with her Husband Yusuf. I never thought that would be the last time...
  3. Sunny Seasider

    Shirleyanntr Happy Birthday

    Dear Shirley, I never expected not to wish you Many Happy Returns for your Birthday, my friend. Your caring for others, and your wicked sense of humour, I so miss sharing with you. I am a little early but, as We sit here thinking of you, we raise our glass to you, as I know it is what you...
  4. L

    Where is shirleyanntr ??

    The most helpful member on this board is not posting? Has something happened ??
  5. pineapple1

    A Tribute to Shirleyanntr

    It was a honour to visit Shirleys resting place recently .. . I placed silk flowers and a plaque from Sunny Seasider and me on the grave ..Along with a solar light so theres always a light on for her .. Also Lesley sent a lovely verse ..and I bought 75 Daffodils one for each year of her life...
  6. butt007

    Shirleyanntr funeral date

    Hello all TLFers. All signatures from next of kin have now been received at the Belediyer and the funeral time is below. I hope many of you in the area will be able to get there Shirley's funeral will be at 5.00pm Saturday at Cikcilli behind Alanya. Warren:33::33::33:
  7. butt007

    Death...Shirleyan tr

    It is with deep sadness I have to tell you all......Shirleyantr died last night. .....Yusef her husband found her sat in the armchair, he thought she was asleep. He rang my next door neighbour, he didn't know what to do and they are with him now. The police/Jandarm were informed and an...
  8. Sunny Seasider

    Thank You Shirleyanntr.

    What a lovely surprise I had today, Thank You so much Shirley for my King's Ginger Truffles, they will be savoured over this week-end when I am having a quiet moment. We have become great cyber friends thanks to the wonders of the forum, so happy to have such a good friend in you. One of these...
  9. may

    Happy Birthday Shirleyanntr

    Happy Birthday Shirley, I hope you have a great day. :474cu:
  10. Sunny Seasider


    Your message box is full Shirley, please empty. x
  11. may

    Happy Birthday Shirleyanntr

    Hi Shirley I hope you have a very happy birthday with lots of presents, I'm sure Yusuf will do you proud. You share the same birthday as Prince William what do you think of that Princess for a day Eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. pineapple1

    Thank You Shirleyanntr

    I'd like to say a big thank you to Shirley . I had a lovely day in her and her friends company yesterday in Tosmur A good ladies day with good criack and some good laugh's and def no gossip . ...Then followed by a lovely meal at a near by cafe . Chicken and pineapple .....Well i just...
  13. Sunny Seasider


    I just want to wish you all the very best for your visit to see your son Alan tomorrow Shirley, I hope you don't mind me posting my good wishes on the forum, but you know that there are many of us will be thinking about your long awaited reunion with Alan. I too hope that soon he will be home...
  14. alison09400


    Shirleyann, your inbox is full :)
  15. Harem

    Testing Shirleyanntr

    I need some translation, but your PM box is full
  16. Harem


    Has anybody heard how Shirley is? How did her move go? Did she manage to get back to retrieve her bank card? Perhaps there are no internet cafes where she has moved to, and no ADSL. What a pity. I do hope she is going to be able to get back.
  17. cirali

    Happy Birthday shirleyanntr !!!!!

    Happy BirthdayWishes to YOU! ~~~Author Unknown~~~ May your path be strewn with flowers, Memories, friends and happy hours. May Blessings come from heaven above, And fill your life with Peace and LOVE Here's a Birthday gift kit just for you.... An eraser, so you...
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