1. TNT123

    Shirley's Resting Place

    I just want to say that at last Shirley's Bench is built.The builder and I worked on it yesterday and today.The plaster needs to be left to dry for 3 days then I will go and paint it.Its been a long up hill struggle,but now Shirley has a lovely tribute bench,where all her friend's can sit and...
  2. butt007

    Shirley's funeral

    We all went to the mortuary at the cemetery by Luna Park from where the coffin was then taken up to the cemetery at Cikcili, it is high up behind Alanya with a wonderful view. There were about 60 people present and a lot of tears were shed as she was lowered into the grave and at the same...
  3. butt007

    Death...Shirleyan tr

    It is with deep sadness I have to tell you all......Shirleyantr died last night. .....Yusef her husband found her sat in the armchair, he thought she was asleep. He rang my next door neighbour, he didn't know what to do and they are with him now. The police/Jandarm were informed and an...
  4. bickern

    Shirley Temple dies at 85

    Shirley Temple Black, the Hollywood child star who melted hearts in Depression-era America with her trademark blond ringlets and dimpled smile, has died at the age of 85, her family said Feb. 10. She died of natural causes on Feb. 10 evening in her California home. Delighting audiences with her...
  5. perfect1949

    seasons greetings from me and Shirley

    we hope you all have a great time this Christmas , and a fantastic new year . dave and Shirley . WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Lyrics - YouTube
  6. perfect1949

    happy birthday my Shirley

    its my Shirley's birthday today , and what a day to have it on . the 12 of the 12 of the 12 . Dave
  7. arrian

    Happy Birthday Shirley!

    Happy Birthday Shirley, hope you have a great day. :bigkiss: :52::52::52:
  8. A89

    Fund for Shirley

    For those members who have expressed a wish to donate to a fund for Shirley I am very happy to accept any donations to my paypal account or if paypal isnt an option for you and you prefer to pay directly to my bank account in UK or Turkey please PM me to discuss. I have given a lot of thought to...
  9. Rainbow

    Happy Birthday Shirley

    Hope you have a fantastic day Shirley. Many Happy Returns. Soo x
  10. tinkycarol

    Shirley's lessons - where do I look please?

    Hi, been using TLF for a while now and just recently read about Shirley's language lessons and would like to know more. Where are they posted - in the same sub-forum each time? Is it on a regular basis/day of week or just ad hoc? I would like to see what I've been missing so need to know...
  11. kaplumba

    Where is Shirley?

    I haven't seen Shirley around since 10th October. She sent me a PM and said she was off out for the night and she hasn't been back on since. I'm a bit worried as she is often here everyday.
  12. steve & sue

    Well done Shirley

    Well done Shirley on passing through the 5000 posts mark.
  13. Bibby

    Mesir Macunu - One for Shirley Anne?

    Bought Mesir Macunu. It was not what I expected. Thought it'd be like firm peanut butter, or Turron Almendra (in Spain). Well it was certainly different and left me wondering if it had a specific purpose. It reminded me of the taste of cough candy. So, is it eaten as a throat soother when...
  14. suzyq

    Well done Shirley

    Yesterday I was reading a very interesting article in Today's Zaman on Circali. I then looked to see who the author was and discovered that it was our very own Shirley. Well done Shirley, it was a good read and hope to see more articles.
  15. Andy

    Happy Birthday Shirley

    Many Happy returns of the day Shirley have a good 14hr trip. Best Wishes :pressie: Andy X
  16. KKOB

    For Shirley

    Is this big enough for you ? Would you like me to send you a signed copy ?
  17. Lynda

    Shirley & Lynda Limericks...

    Shirley and I where busy bees last night. I decided I wanted to advertise our lack of "catchers" at our restaurant by something different.....? We came up with a limerick...what do others think :der: can you come up with something better??? Go on give it a go..I am sure sure someone on here can...
  18. S

    Happy Birthday for our Shirley !!

    Happy Happy Birthday Dear Shirley ! It's the longest day of the year, let it also be the finest day of the year ! Make it a very special day you superb Gemini, Make it sunny and bright in Alanya Have a bottle of that sweet wine you like so much or a couple of Efes and do everything your heart...
  19. Lynda

    For Shirley

    Empty your private messages...keep getting my pm's kicked back... :kafa: Looking forward to seeing you sometime next week........
  20. G

    Where's our Shirley???

    Haven't seen any posts lately from ShirleyAnnTr, who is probably the most generous contributor to the forum. Shirley, if you read this I just want to say that you are missed. Hope all is well with you and that you are taking a well deserved holiday. Look forward to my next Turkish lesson...
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