1. S

    Ships log

    Twas a misty yet sombre pm when we first set sail from the Emerald Isle...... Day One Civilisation seems just a fanciful memory as we ploughed the seas with god awful cafeteria scran and bogs which haven't been flushed since Blackbeard himself sailed these treacherous waters.......
  2. D

    Big Cruise ships coming to Fethiye

    I have been reading recently about a new major effort locally by a determined, optimistic,group of people to make an area of Fethiye ( Harbour) a recognised location `stop over ` several days in a week for big Ocean going Cruise ships. Personally and selfishly I hope it doesn`t...
  3. hijo

    Cruise Ships in Kusadasi

    ....... took these at around 7.30 am..looks like were in for a busy day in town..
  4. E

    Cruise ships in Alanya

    I know there are several cruiseships visiting alanya regularly over the year. Does anybody have any experience booking a cruise on one of them? I mean when the ship is in the harbor, do they have like a "last minute ticket office" for free cabins or similar?
  5. B

    Hand Made models ships Exhibition..

    Handmade Model Ship Exhibition - 27th Ag - 04 September 2012 We are very pleased to invite you to our exhibition of beautiful hand-made model ships. The exhibition opens at 10am on Monday exhibition will close at 7pm. Free admission. We are happy to be able to offer you complimentary...
  6. S

    cruise ships at bodrum

    Hi All, I have got family docking on a cruise ship in Bodrum in a couple of weeks time and are meeting them but just had a thought where do the ships come in at Bodrum, I was stupidly thinking of Kusadasi and I know where they dock there but not a clue in Bodrum, I hope someone can help me, many...
  7. E

    Iran Revolutionary Guards ready to escort Gaza ships

    Reuters: Iran has offered to provide military protection in the form of warship escorts for Gaza activist ships.
  8. ceemac

    Gaza ships with Turkish, European aid to break Israel siege

    Turkey's IHH, or Humanitarian Relief Foundation will send a ship to Gaza in order to break the Israeli blockade and help the people of Gaza. IHH President Bulent Yildirim and the movement's European coordinator Islam Expo Secretary General Mohammed Salava held a press conference aboard the...
  9. ceemac

    20 Ships to Head for Clash in Gaza

    Here's a chance for a few members here to put their money where their mouths are. Sign up for one of these boats! I think I'll give it a miss - sounds dangerous :eek: '( The Turkish IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation announced that a fleet of 20 ships would be sent to break...
  10. dande

    Cruise Ships for Izmir

    ITALIAN COSTA GROUP TO BUILD CRUISE SHIP PORT IN İZMIR Pier Luigi Foschi, Chief Executive Office of the Italian Costa Group, has announced that they have signed a protocol with İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) for construction of a giant transatlantic port at Üçkuyular, İzmir. The giant cruise...
  11. merlin

    4 Cruise Ships Told Not to Dock in Alanya....

    Israel ordered four of its cruise ships carrying thousands of tourists not to dock at the Turkish port of Alanya after receiving warnings of a possible terrorist attack, officials said Friday. Israeli Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit gave the order to the cruise vessels not to dock at the...
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