1. T

    Most economical and guaranteed shipping service to outside of Turkey

    Hi, Which postal service is the best for outside of Turkey? I want to send lots of documents to different countries. Anybody had experience? Time is not so much important than price and warranty! Thanks
  2. S

    Shipping to Turkey ? Rules and regulation?

    I heard lot of complication as far as shipping personal items back to Turkey but there is one thing that is scary and hope someone clarify that. As per below link if a personal shipment is not cleared within a month after arrival it will be subject to Customs Seizure ...
  3. C

    Shipping Samsung phone to Turkey

    A friend is buying one in his own country to ship it to my address here - will it get held up in customs, or will I have to pay extra? Thanks in advance!
  4. A89

    Turkish Shipping companies

    Does anyone have any experience of sending boxes of "stuff" with a Turkish company to the UK please? alison
  5. R

    shipping from the UK

    Hello can anyone advise if we need residency permits before we can ship some of our furniture over to Turkey from the UK.
  6. K

    Export car from Turkey to the USA

    Hello, Looking for insight on whether I can do this and how expensive it would be. I live in the United States and found a classic car for sale in Turkey that I can't get in the US (but I do know with certain that I'm allowed to import it here). Can I purchase the car from the US? I've heard...
  7. I

    Shipping carpet to UK

    Has anyone independently shipped a large carpet to the UK? Advice needed on how to go about this safely please. T.I.A.
  8. J

    Taxes on Personal Goods

    Hi, Does anyone have any information about Turkish taxes on importing personal goods? I have a residence permit and would only be shipping clothing, books, and personal items--nothing valuable, no electronics. Thank you!
  9. J

    Shipping to Turkey: Packing/Disinfection/Antalya

    Hello everyone, I am researching shipping options to get some personal goods from the USA to Antalya. SELF-PACKING: I'm comparing companies that pack goods for you and some that allow you to pack. I'd like to avoid excessive costs when the "pros" pack for you. The packing should be fairly...
  10. dearsley

    Shipping to Turkey

    Can anyone offer any help or guidance, please? I am in the process of shipping furniture and personal belongings to Turkey by sea to Izmir. The UK movers are saying that because we have not lived in our house for a year we might encounter "extra taxes". it is true that we bought our property...
  11. S

    Container shipping from Turkey to UK?

    Does anyone know if you have to list every single item in boxes for container shipping from Turkey to UK or will for example 'kitchen utensils' or 'childrens toys' be sufficient? I know we have to have a manifest and an itemized list of boxes but I can't find out about the above. Thanks Sara
  12. B

    International Shipping to Izmir - Help

    Hi I'm planning on moving to Izmir at the end of May. I have approximately 10 medium size packing boxes which contain general household goods (no furniture). Can anyone recommend a reliable Shipping Company that will transport my goods from the U.K. direct to Izmir? (not via Istanbul!)...
  13. R

    Shipping a Turkish Vehicle

    Hi there, I had a few questions about bringing a Turkish car back to the UK 1. First and foremost, how straight forward is it to get it converted for UK driving ? Is it possible to do it in Turkey or when it's in the UK 2. Does anyone know of any reputable shipping companies that could...
  14. stephie

    Container shipping to Turkey

    We are considering shipping some of our excess furniture out to Antalya to furnish our apartment - has anybody done this and has it been awfully problematic? We would be using a reputable company based in the UK! Thanks. Stephie
  15. I

    Shipping back to the UK

    As some of you know, I am moving back to the UK fairly soon and, although I don't have any furniture, have a considerable amount of clothes and personal possessions that I would not be able to take on a plane, let alone carry, in view of my recent back op. Can anyone recommend a good honest...
  16. Yalides

    Shipping goods to UK

    Anyone recommend an Agent/company for shipping goods back to UK that they have used ? We have approached a couple mentioned on the forum in the past but never get an answer to our requests. Many thanks in advance.
  17. E

    Shipping boxes

    Does anyone know of a company here in Turkey that would ship my clothes and footwear etc back to the UK?
  18. E

    Shipping from the uk to bodrum

    Hi! Does any one know the best way to ship my personal belongings from The UK to Bodrum? Thank you Esmee
  19. D

    Packing Boxes For Shipping

    Hi I am hoping that someone may be able to help my friend Who is returning to the UK very shortly and needs to source packing boxes to ship her belonging back here. The shipping company require the boxes to be uniform in size. I think she needs about 20 but I know she would be more than...
  20. E

    shipping items to or from turkey

    hi, we can help with goods to or from turkey, any size or weight, 0.5kg to 10,000kg. air/road/seafreight..
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