1. culturevulture

    Wash n Shine???

    Does anyone know if there is the equivalent of the cleaner/polish, "Wash n Shine" or "Clear" available in Altinkum? I am looking for something to put a non-slip shine on my tile flooring. I am a bit of a magpie and love to see light reflected on shiny surfaces. Lol. :madgrin: Mary.
  2. KKOB

    Shine A Light !

    Doesn't it make you proud ? :dooh::9: Arrested: The grandfather who 'attacked' an RAF Apache with an £8 torch | Mail Online
  3. heidi

    Shine Indian Change

    Just to let you all know that we have changed the name of the restuarant from SHINE INDIAN to BOMBAY CORNER. I do want to emphasise that nothing else will change. The chefs remain the same, as do the staff. We just felt that the name didn't convey to new people that it was an Indian restaurant...
  4. the sausage king

    Carvery at the Shine 22nd July

    Hi Everyone sorry for the delay in posting this, I have been so busy, Firstly All sausage deliveries will be made at 6pm the 20th July at the shine restaurant, so please get placing those orders, Apple crumbles are very popular at the moment. Right here we go The menu for the next Carvery, Now...
  5. the sausage king

    This Sunday English Carvery at Shine Restaurant

    Every Sunday I used to look forward to a relaxing day read the newspapers a little take the dog for a walk, but most of all i love a good carvery On Sunday 24th June The Shine Restaurant will be holding a English CARVERY Starting at about 3pm till i run out of food - bookings essential 2...
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