1. suzyq

    Shepherd kills first Anatolian leopard sighted in Turkey for years

    An Anatolian leopard was killed by a shepherd in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on Nov. 3, drawing attention back to a species long thought extinct within Turkey's borders. The shepherd, Kasım Kaplan, said the animal had suddenly attacked him from behind while he was outside his...
  2. D

    Shepherd's Pie Tips

    I'm going to make Shepherd's Pie for the first time. What is the secret to tasty shepherd's pie; any tips? Should I use minced lamb? Also, I don't want to use gravy in a packet, but gravy is important in this dish, right? Thanks in advance
  3. teosgirl

    Anatolian Shepherd dog in UK mauls dog to death

    Kate Hancock savaged by Anatolian Shepherd 'lion hunter' dogs in woodland attack | Mail Online Charlotte
  4. Ian

    German Shepherd

    Anyone have or know of a suitable female GS who may be suitable for breeding with a male GS I have ?.
  5. Dalaman Deli

    German Shepherd found

    Anyone lost a German Shepherd? A friend has just called me to say there is a German Shepherd wandering around the Topala Complex looking lost. He has a collar on and looks well cared for, but there is no sign of an owner.
  6. janA

    German Shepherd bitch

    Here i am again. :ohwell: A friend of mine in a neighbouring village has just called me to ask if i know of anyone wanting a young german shepherd bitch. Their Turkish neighbour has been round to ask if they will take her on as they have grown tired of her now. As they already have 3 dogs...
  7. Angela Stansfield

    Lhasa Apso and German Shepherd

    Val called this morning to advise that a lady is returning to the UK at 9am in the morning and has no homes for her two dogs. The Lhasa Apso is 2 year old male. I have a friend with one of these dogs and they are the sweetest little things. There is also a German Shepherd aged 4 years male...
  8. animalmad34

    Foster home needed for 4 mths for a shepherd cross dog

    Please can someone help me out and foster a dog for 3-4 mths, She is a shepherd cross around 1 yrs old and she will be going with my other 4 dogs in foster to bulgaria for 6 mths and then onto the uk..I just need a kind hearted Animal lover to help me make that possible..My foster homes are full...
  9. animalmad34

    Jack - Shepherd mix Puppy - Loving home Wanted

    Jack is a 4 mth old Shepherd mix pup who needs a loving home, Jack needs a special home as he has been badly neglected, He is still very weak and is having calcium injections to improve him bones, He is fully vaccinated and front line and wormed, He does have mange but this is improving and he...
  10. matty

    German shepherd pup need home - Dalaman

    My :crazy:Turkish neighbour has recently kicked their German shepherd pup out! They have only had her for a couple of weeks! She is about 5-6months old, she is a beautiful dog and very willing to please. The poor dog deserves a loving home,She is now just hanging around outside wondering what...
  11. KKOB

    Shepherd's Warning ?

  12. N

    Saving Grace - Abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Altinkum.

    This is Grace : Isnt she a beauty ? She is affectionate , healthy , slightly timid ( who can blame her ) . Right now she is being cared for at the neuter and release center. We need a very special person or family to care for Grace, one who will show her love and care for the rest of her...
  13. G

    Greman shepherd puppies need a loving home

    Free German shepherd puppies need a loving home hi my German shepherd dog had a beautiful litter of 6 puppies on the 10th of June they are nearly 3weeks old now and I have already found really good homes for 3 of the pups we will keep the pups till they are 8weeks of age then we will need to...
  14. merlin

    The Turkish Shepherd Dog....

    The Kangal Dog is found in the high rolling plains country of central Turkey. The approximate geographic center of the region is Sivas City. The Kangal Dog has historically been associated with the town of Kangal­a district town within Sivas Province. While much of the landscape is rolling...
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