1. shirleyanntr

    womens shelters need support

    there's a thread running at the moment about the rape of a young girl by 35 men..and also a query by Yeniyildiz about women's support groups and so ive opened this separate thread. There are activists campaigning against violence for women in Turkey the organisation is called Mor Cattı which...
  2. G

    Volunteering for Dog/Animal shelters in and around Fethiye

    Does anybody know of any dog rescue/shelters in and around Fethiye that need volunteers? I know of Uzumlu, obviously that being one of the most talked about but I was wondering if there are any others? I love living in Fethiye but find the street dogs and cats so heartbreaking. I took in a...
  3. S

    Bus shelters

    Having just spent a rather wet day in Gocek, I was appalled to find thatthe bus shelter in the centre has been removed, as has the one at the Total garage. As both of these spots are main pick-up points, it does seem rather strange that this has occurred. Any ideas?
  4. S

    Iskan - Shelters - Akbuk

    My friends have a property on the Eclipse Dolunay site at Akbuk. The builders Ephesus Homes who are building Yasmin Gardens in Akbuk have left them with many problems. Some owners are still trying to get their Tapus only to find that the builders took their money and then took bank loans on the...
  5. R

    Bomb Shelters

    Can anyone tell me when the turkish law on bomb shelters came into force. As we are being told that we can not have an iskan as the site was built without a bomb shelter
  6. K

    Vets, strays and animal shelters?

    Are there any in the Altinkum area?:) K
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