1. suzyq

    Dog's die in shelter during Eid al-Adha

    I was very sad to see that this has happened AGAIN. Several animals living in shelters run by municipalities across Turkey have died during the 10-day-long public holiday, private broadcaster NTV reported on Sept. 4. The Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday had been extended to 10 days...
  2. bickern

    There is a situation in the Dalyan animal shelter.

    I have been asked to post this here from a concerned friend. I have not confirmed anything but if anyone has influence or knows someone in the Belediye maybe they can help. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hi animal lovers! There is a situation in the Dalyan...
  3. ZiaCa'

    Open Day at the Kitty House (Animal Shelter - Catarlik)

    This Saturday 23rd May, 11am - 1pm at the Kitty House (Animal Shelter) - raising funds for desperately needed ringworm injections for the kitties! Come and browse stalls...there will be tombola, raffle, cakes and kitties to cuddle. The Kitty House is also seeking volunteers to help out, even...
  4. P

    Animal shelter in Alanya

    Hello Does anyone know where I could find contact information for the city's official animal shelter? Or any other suggestions who I should contact if I want to adopt a stray dog? (Not just any dog, but a particular one, which is earmarked and currently living on the streets.)
  5. bickern

    Köyceğiz Animal Shelter

    Just a quick video with Sarah Brown talking to Ishbel Taromsari on her stop at the Köyceğiz Animal Welfare Rehabilitation Shelter (Belediye dog pound) on her World Bike Girl Wide Bike Tour. Falkirk sprint cyclist Ishbel Taromsari has won her first major title after winning gold in the British...
  6. shazeroo

    Desperate Appeal for Shelter Volunteers

    Hi everyone in the Bodrum area. I have just been looking at the Turgutreis Animal Shelter page on Facebook and am very upset to see so many miserable dogs who now rarely get out of their cages as so many of the regular volunteers (me included) have moved away from the area. They are down to a...
  7. A89

    Animal shelter charity group.

    I'd like to share with everyone some information about a new (I think) animal shelter/charity in Alanya. Not sure if the link will work, if it doesnt will someone kindly tell me how I can share it here...
  8. shazeroo

    Urgent Appeal for Volunteers

    When we lived in Turkey for 6 years we used to volunteer at the Turgutreis council run dog shelter. Since we left, several more of the key volunteers have also moved, so they are down to 3 regular volunteers now - which means the majority of the dogs are never taken out and spend every day...
  9. Carolyn

    Türkan Dağdelen 's HAYDOS animal shelter in Dalaman

    ** U R G E N T ** Desperate plea for help. Many injured dogs as a result of the fires last night. The fire last night at Türkan Dağdelen 's HAYDOS animal shelter in Dalaman. started in the woods and came right to the borders of the shelter then changing directions thanks to the wind. If you are...
  10. C

    dog shelter gulluck Turkey facebook page

    Hi everyone I hope this is not against the rules, but i wanted to ask if people could please visit our new facebook page; dog shelter Gulluk Turkey We are trying to get the message out and if people could visit and pass the word to other or offer advice, help, etc that would be really...
  11. B

    cat shelter

    hi, does anyone know where the cat shelter is, so far İ haven't found a new home for my cat and İ have to leave in three weeks. İ think İ heard it's in the Kargicak or Demirtaş area but İ'm not sure. İ know this wouldn't be the ideal place for her but it's a better prospect than the alternative...
  12. RustyDalyan

    Somewhere to stay near dog shelter?

    Hello good Turgutreis people, So I'm planning to come for a week's dog walking early-mid June, I need a cheap, clean place to stay not too far from the dog shelter. Any tips? Did I read somewhere that it's up a hill? How far out of Turgutreis? Is it walkable or will I need transport? Any...
  13. M

    Turgutreis Animal Shelter gets Facebook

    Turgutreis Animal Shelter now has a Facebook page of the same name. There are photos of all the dogs, so anyone in the area thinking about adopting a puppy or adult dog, please take a look.
  14. willip

    missing dogs from shelter

    have cut and pasted this article from another forum about Didim animal shelter, does anybody know any more about what is going on? Got to the shelter this morning to find that nearly all the back cages were open and empty. Neither Casim nor the old boy knew where the dogs were. The old boy...
  15. J

    Old English Sheepdog at Didim Shelter

    Hi there, I just wondered if anybody had taken on the Old English Sheepdog who is at the Didim Animal Shelter at the moment. If it's the same dog I am thinking about, his name is Şaskın and was looked after by a friend of ours. Unfortunately he could not keep him because he lives in a small...
  16. shazeroo

    Turgutreis Dog Shelter

    I have posted a link to a video on YouTube taken at the council-run dog shelter in Turgutreis. Many of the dogs you see have been there for years - some for as long as 5 years. A shortage of volunteers mean that they rarely get out of their cages - once a week for a short walk if they are very...
  17. J

    izmir animal shelter?

    Hey I am very recent to Izmir and was just wondering if there are any local animal shelters. As I am looking for a dog, however was thinking its always better to rescue an animal rather than buy a cute little puppy that will probably be soon given a home anyway! Thanks. I am in Bayrakli so any...
  18. J

    Izmir adoption shelter

    Hi recently moved to Izmir and would love a dog. Have been and looked around some pet shops in Izmir but was wondering if there was a local shelter maybe that I could visit. Find a nice home for a dog that has been there for too long! Thanks!
  19. maggie

    Animal shelter for Akbuk.

    The Animal Protection Law, Temporary Shelters and Stray Animals on The Bodrum Peninsula For many years, scientists, veterinary surgeons and organizations that care for animals have researched the street dog problem. This research has found that the kindest, most effective solution is: catching...
  20. v6cod

    Dalyan Animal Shelter

    If anyone is interested in volunteering to help out at the Dalyan Animal Shelter please PM me. They are looking for help in feeding the animals and a general daily health check (checking gums ears and the like). A man is employed at the centre by the Belediye but to be honest 80 dogs is just...
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