1. C

    Sea Shell Apartments

    Can anyone tell me where Sea Shell Apartments are in Akbuk, or if there is such a place? Please.
  2. R

    Who insures the "shell" of an apartment block?

    Hi Could anyone advise on this. Our apartment is one of 12 in a block of apartments. I understand our home insurance and DASK only covers the internal structures. Intrasure have advised me that there should be a communal policy to cover the shell. But max value insurance will cover is £38k...
  3. M

    Shell for sale in long beach area

    I have an unfinished property for sale in the long beach area near to mini migros. It is on Yesil Sitesi and we have the tapu. The roof of the shell is complete. The property needs to be finished and it has three bedrooms and bathroom each bedroom has a balcony, downstairs wc with...
  4. cleeker

    Renovation of a Shell.

  5. C

    Photos of our concrete shell in Yalikavak

    Hi We have just had some more pics of our villa which we hope will be finished within the next month. This forum has been invaluable to us so thanks to everyone! We just have to furnish the place now - help!!!!!!! Carol
  6. M

    Property for sale in Kusadasi and shell in Sogucak

    We have a property for sale at Green Beach in Kusadasi. Brand new 4/5 bedroomed villa on complex with shared pool. Don't have a photograph however we are going to Kusadasi to live in May so can arrange to view if anybody is interested. It has 4/5 bedrooms. Kitchen, lounge downstairs wc...
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