1. Tommie

    Dust sheets

    Hi Can anyone inform me whether builders/decorators use dust sheets here in Turkey or are they something that they have never heard of? Had someone wanting to carry out some minor repairs to my stone window cill and wanted to cut 1/2 the window cill off in the process, creatiing goodness knows...
  2. O

    Flannelette Sheets

    Yes its that time of year when we like to snuggle up in cosy sheets so does anyone know where I can get flannelette as the cotton sheets are gre:14:at in summer but to chilly for winter.
  3. newhorizon

    Bedlinen, bed sheets etc and turkish plugs

    Hi, I am buying a property in Altinkum due to be completed this month and wondered what items such as bed sheets, bed covers etc are better to buy in Turkey? or buy in UK? My intention is to use the property for rentals too eventually. I have bought a duvet pack in UK contains mattress...
  4. B

    Fitted Sheets

    If I buy double fitted sheets here will they fit the double beds in Turkey same with the single fitted sheets. I am going to buy most stuff over there, but take the bedding with me, as the likes of Matalan and Asda have some great bedding at good prices.
  5. M

    Balance Sheets

    Anyone know how to obtain financial information about Turkish companies . Is there a requirement to submit accounts to a body like the UK equivalent of companies house?
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