1. Spurs

    Sheep for sale?

    For the people on here who live in the more rural areas, how can people nick (rustle) 150 sheep in one go? Surely that would need a fleet of lorries? The farmers are saying that they are worried about these animals getting into the food chain. Realistically where else would they be going...
  2. pineapple1

    History of Kangals & Sheep

    I found this intresting . Its the history of the kangal and also sheep from different regions of Turkey .Its a long read but i think its worth it some lovely photo's too .....Diane
  3. ceemac

    Turkish goat and sheep plague poses regional threat

    A highly contagious plague affecting farm animals has broken out in Turkey near the Bulgarian border, Bulgarian Dnevnik daily reported on March 4 2010. Here C
  4. KKOB

    Children Believe That Sheep Lay Eggs

    Eggs come from sheep, crisps are made of plastic and butterflies produce cheese - these are just some of the wrong answers given by children in a test of their knowledge of food sources, it was revealed. Children 'believe sheep lay eggs' - Yahoo! News UK
  5. jcrian

    Catching Sheep................

    How fast are your reactions?
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