1. Spurs

    Shares nosedive

    So its another crisis in the world of finance? Pretty sure that when the banks crashed I would have somewhere, somehow & unknowingly contributed towards their bailout. I refuse outright to bailout ANY Chinese restaurants, they have lived well off my back for$$dy foodsters...
  2. T

    UK Selling off 'our' Eurostar Shares!

    Here's another rip-off they snuck in the Autumn Statement, apparently! Are they flogging it off whilst they still have the chance? It's another very good 'going concern' making us a profit just like Royal Mail...... :( Apart from the money the 'money boyz' will coin in, I have concerns about...
  3. newhorizon

    WARNING! - FaceBook Shares Hype? -Float or Sink?

    U.K. investors have also been given the opportunity to buy Facebook shares at £19 each (min 100-600 shares) it seems.. Did anyone else get this survey either from Facebook's IPO or through private markets? What do you think? over-priced hyped? or will they fall by end of 2012? I'm just...
  4. E

    Thomas cook shares down 28%

    That does`nt sound good christine
  5. A

    Shares in Yacht Syndicate For Sale

    Shares in Yacht Syndicate For Sale Yacht is moored at Cokertme an is open to all inspections. Here are the full details as advertised on ebay Share in 2007 Macgregor 26M in Turkey on eBay (end time 16-Jan-11 08:52:17 GMT)
  6. J

    Selling shares in duplex

    Hi All We have been toying with the idea of selling 1 X 50% or maybe 2 X 33% shares in our 3 x Bedroom Duplex in Altinkum . We are not a family that use our Duplex in the peak months , We have Tapu & Hab Cert , Water & Electric in our name . Have any members done or thought of doing this . Any...
  7. immac

    Shares & Funds Listings

    Can any one tell me which Turkish newspapers list the Istanbul Stocks & Shares? I don't want to rummage though the shelves in my local shop, nor buy a copy of each paper. Is one paper better than another? Is there an equivalent of FT? I'm particularly interested in Funds. Ian
  8. K

    Free Shares in Company for everyone

    Thought this was spam seems its not Not sure how many of you have seen/understood this, I'll try to explain it as quickly and simply as I can... Basically theres this website called me2everyone and it wants to create a sort of virtual world, like a Second Life/ Facebook type thing. It's...
  9. merlin

    Turkey: shares, lira, foreign reserves hit records....

    Short-term financial capital, or “hot money,” last week helped Turkey achieve a number of records: Inflation fell to levels unheard of in the last 30 years in July; the Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) National 100 Index exceeded the 30,000 level for the first time; central bank foreign...
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