1. S

    Worlds wealth crassly shared

    8 people in the world have more money than 3.6 billion others combined Eight billionaires 'as rich as world's poorest half' - BBC News
  2. C

    Selling Property with shared ownership?

    I wish to sell my ground floor property, which is in a block of 16 apartments. I have recently discovered that I only have 50% share of the lease, apparently, I share the lease with the property above mine. I have been told that Turkish Banks will not give mortgages to properties with a shared...
  3. P

    Looking for shared transfer-Altinkum. Flight LS983 10th June from Manchester

    Looking to share a transfer from Bodrum airport to Altinkum if anybody on same flight as me on Monday 10th June Manchester to Bodrum LS983 arriving at 21.05. I have used Incekar for years and have requested a shared transfer already but can change it to a private one if somebody wants to share...
  4. C

    Stopping Rentals on a Shared Site

    We own a detached villa on a site of 50 properties and have rented out the property (mainly during the summer months) along with many other European owners at times when it is not in use by ourselves. At a recent AGM there were moves to stop owners renting out their properties and also banning...
  5. M

    Shared transport from Izmir Airport to Bodrum

    I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing private transportation from Izmir airport to Bodrum. I am travelling on Aer Lingus from Dublin which arrives into Izmir Airport at 20.45. I am also returning to Izmir airport 2 weeks later 14 April for a flight time of 21.45.
  6. C

    2 bed apartment to rent with large shared pool Turunc Late Availability

    Delightful 2 bedroom air-conditioned ground floor apartment, in small complex of 16 apartments, rural setting, surrounded by mountains, yet less than 10 mins walk to village with many bars and restaurants, and beach. Large swimming pool just feet from the door, balcony overlooking farmland and...
  7. P

    3 bed villa to rent kadakelesi with shared pool

    Hi im new to the sight .we come out to turgutreis 2-3 times a year .love coming here ;but we need to rent our villa out ;for the seasons weeks were not we have a beautiful villa on a small complex of 6 villas with a very large shared pool ;can any one advise us on the best way of getting...
  8. W

    shared taxi

    URGENT!!!!HELP - anyone got info on this service. saw it on forum but cannot find now. travelling sunday
  9. S

    Tapu help - Shared Property access?

    We have access to our house through our neighbours land at the minute, how do we go about drawing up a legal document in case something happens to them and the new owners don't agree to access? Would we go to a notary or can we have it put onto the tapus for both pieces of land? Thanks Sara
  10. E

    Shared Management Charges

    Hi I hope some of you can help me! Four years ago I bought a new duplex in a group of four. In the first two years only 2 were sold, and the builder/owner refused to pay anything towards the charges of the 2 properties he still owned (pool, garden). The next year another duplex was sold, and...
  11. Mushroom

    Shared ownership - your views please

    I have recently spoke to several people who have expressed an interest in purchasing a property in Turkey, but have also honestly said that due to current economics and work situations they could not contemplate or manage an outright purchase of a property at this time. One of them had...
  12. T

    shared land

    does anyone know if it`s shared land, does the owner of the smaller part have the same rights as the other.
  13. E

    Shared use of Apartment facilities....

    Hi thanks for your reply Just wondering if anyone can help We bought appartment in marmaris and we share with 8 other people we sent friends out for holiday this month and they were told by the builder and his wife to get out our pool to let you understand the builder owns the nursery oppsite...
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