1. McB

    Ride Share Istanbul to Bulgaria

    Near the end of this month in about ten days Im meeting a friend in Istanbul for a couple of days, and then we are heading back up to visit with him in his place in Bulgaria in Plovdiv for a couple of days... and instead of taking the bus we thought to ask if there is anyone in Istanbul that may...
  2. immac

    Spanish Time Share

    LBC Radio are running ads this week for anyone who has Time Share in Spain. Seems there has been a Spanish High Court ruling that many schemes have been selling illegally and those who have been duped are liable for compensation (around £30,000) according to the advert from a solicitor in...
  3. Freedom 49

    Definately One to Share.

    Some TLF members are well aware of my involvement with the children in many schools around The Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. I work with a fabulous group of Nepali ladies and whatever comes along, they deal with it best they can and get on with life. This last couple of years has seen them slowly...
  4. Freedom 49

    One to Share

    A heartfelt wish from myself once again for us to see a little peace returning to this world during the coming year. I asked my daughter Sally to make my cards simple, with a single dove and I'd like to share it with you all. I hope you all have an enjoyable festive time with your families or...
  5. V

    share a taxi

    Anybody going yo Bodrum Sirport this Friday 21st and want to share a taxi I have booked and paid for a shuttle but don't know if I trust it. Thanks
  6. bickern

    Share the good things about your lives or holidays in Turkey

    Well the challenge was given by Ann so feel free to post all the uplifting stuff here. To kick it off I will just mention that the people of Toparlar, as in my immediate neighbours, are really spiffing, what-ho, and I count them as extended family. Hopefully this will be a positive thread...
  7. G

    Transfer share Bodrum to Akbuk

    Hi I am arriving at bodrum from bristol on ezy6283 21.10pm on Tuesday 6th I have booked a private transfer to akbuk, I am travelling alone this time so I can share my transfer with anyone on the same flight. please pm me if interested. thanks
  8. M

    Residents agreement to share communal maintenance costs

    I wonder whether any owners in shared apartment blocks/complexes have any information or advice they could share to help with our problem please? I own an apartment in a communal block where there is one other rental apartment, two domestic dwellings, and one holiday home. When I bought the...
  9. G

    Transfer share Bodrum to Akbuk/Altinkum

    Hi, I am looking to find 2 or more to share a private transfer from bodrum to akbuk or altinkum on the 30th june at 21.30 arriving on ezy6283. please message me if interested.
  10. T

    Children share a pair of shoes can't afford a pair each

    In Turkey a family could not afford shoes for their children, the children share a pair of shoes for school hoping that no one would realise the children are using the same pair of shoes, but a teacher did realise the children were using the same pair of shoes for school and some local people...
  11. T

    Share a transfer

    I am flying on 23rd April from Stansted to Izmir on Pegasus PC522, leaving stansted at 13.25 anyone interested in sharing a transfer or lift to Altinkum
  12. Freedom 49

    One to Share.

    I posted this on the 'Good Morning' thread a little earlier. I just thought I'd post it here as well, so's to share its message with a few more people. :) good morning sunshine - YouTube
  13. KEDDI

    Anyone to share transfer

    Hi all, Trying to find someone interested in sharing transfer with me from Bodrum airport to Altinkum. Arrival on Friday 30 August at 2.05 early morning. If so, please contact me asap Many thanks
  14. J

    Share photos and experıences

    hı My neck of the woods ıs a very large area and ı know ı stıll have lots of places to explore. I thought ıt would be nıce ıf you have vısıted thıs area yo cold share your photos and experıences wıth us all
  15. sunshine

    Izimir Transfer Share

    Hi I'm off on a DIY trip to my Apartment on my own, and to keep the cost down was wondering if anyone was travelling on my flight and would like to share my transfer!:21: 27th April Pegasus PC 522 Stanstead 16:50 Izimir 22:35 fingers crossed.
  16. A

    Transfer share Izmir to Altinkum 29th March

    Hi. Is anyone coming in to Izmir on the Lufthansa flight LH1780 arriving Izmir at 1605 on 29th March and wants to share a transfer?
  17. culturevulture

    Izmir to Didim transfer share????

    Is there anyone travelling from Izmir Airport to Didim on Tuesday 15th January, after 4.00PM?? Or even Airport to Izmir Otogar? Willing to share transfer or fuel costs, please. Mary.
  18. concala

    Transfer Share wanted

    I hope i'm posting this in the right place. I'm looking for a transfer share on the 19th dec from Bodrum. My flight leaves at 08.10 but would consider going earlier
  19. culturevulture

    Transfer/car share ???

    Anyone travelling to Izmir Airport or Izmir Otogar this Monday coming, November 26th. Need to be at the airport for 3.00PM. Willing to share expenses. Mary.
  20. culturevulture

    Izmir transfer share????

    Anyone travelling to Izmir Airport on November 26th-Monday-willing to share expenses? My flight is around 4-4.30Pm.:hug: Mary.
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