1. Camden

    Beirut explosion - mushroom shaped blast rips through Lebanese capital

    A massive explosion with a nuclear mushroom like cloud caused by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate which exploded in the port of Beirut. reported 78 dead and 4000 injured ..... Allegedly caused by a smuggled cargo of explosive substances, confiscated from one of the ships nine years ago...
  2. culturevulture

    V shaped toilet brush

    Does anyone know if I can buy one of these in Didim/Altinkum? You know the kind that will go up under the rim of the toilet bowl. They are V shaped. Mary.
  3. P

    Hijab shaped gates angers residents

    I know a lot of people her are not associated with London but what are your opinions on this local government plans to erect 'headscarf' shaped gates to mark out the famous Brick Lane area of the east end? Brick Lane plan for hijab gates angers residents | UK news | The Guardian For those who...
  4. merlin

    Cat Grooming.... Gone Pear Shaped!

    This was extract of an email sent to a Webmaster of another site.... "My sister-in law is from Oklahoma and has a slight accent. She has cats and when she lived in the south she would take them to the groomers and have what is called a Line Cut. To her a line cut is when all of the fur hanging...
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