1. F

    The shamrock pub

    Is the shamrock pub a place worth visiting? Do they have real guinness? Thomas
  2. zozatky

    Out n About with Hilda & Stan Shamrock V Jclass Yacht.

    SHAMROCK V J Class yacht Today 20.08.09 in Setur Marina Kusadasi a very famous Yacht was moored up Shamrock V. For those folks not familiar with yachting these are a group of famous craft designed by the Fife Family HISTORY Shamrock V was built in 1930 for Sir Thomas Lipton's fifth and last...
  3. R

    Shamrock Bar

    The Shamrock has changed hands once again .İt is now owned by Glen and Maggie ,who most regular Çalıs holıday makers know.İ popped in last night for one or two and am glad to report it is vastly improved from the last owners. Once again a good welcome atmostphere and good draught beer. :)
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