1. IbrahimAbi

    Absolutely Shameful

    One can only wish Karma on the two shameless and disgusting individuals. Surely Turkey does not need to generate income this way.


    What a sordid little place .
  3. val2661

    Shameful jobs

    Just been out to lunch with a group of friends and acquaintances, all now retired and we got to talking about jobs and what would be considered as a job you would be ashamed to admit to doing. These are ones everyone would be ashamed to admit to:- a court bailiff, a traffic warden and a tax...
  4. giglets


    Absolutely disgraceful and indefensible. This man's wife died of cancer shortly before he was detained, so his two children are now orphans. No apologies can make up for this barbarity. BBC News - Baha Mousa inquiry: 'Serious discipline breach' by army
  5. arrian

    Shameful!! absolute disgrace!

    i can't believe that this could happen in this day and age, it like something from the middle ages. Mother died at Queen's Hospital Romford, after being given Caesarean section on ward floor by staff who tried to resuscitate her with disconnected oxygen mask | Mail Online
  6. james1873


    It is disgraceful that this was allowed to be displayed today at the Stadium sic that is hosting the opening ceremony of the next Commonwealth Games. The spelling mistake is irrelevant.
  7. L

    Whats considered Shameful

    As we intergrate into a different culture we obviously see things done in a different way, What things have people noticed or found out we would not normally think about EG, 1. Its considered shameful to hang underwear out on the washing lines 2. If a muslim man goes to his friends house and...
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