1. bickern

    Diane Abbott quits the shadow cabinet

    Diane Abbott quits the shadow cabinet: Labour veteran backs Corbynista Rebecca Long-Bailey for leadership but says she won't serve no matter who wins. Diane Abbott has confirmed she will be stepping down as shadow home secretary when the next Labour leader is elected. Mrs Abbott said that she...
  2. T

    Child grooming shadow Secretary of State for women resigns

    What a sad state of affairs.... When a female MP who has championed the rights of women is forced to resign for speaking her mind in JC's selective PC world! A sad day for Women's rights a sad day for Democracy! "Jeremy Corbyn has forced one of his senior ministers to resign after she claimed...
  3. B

    Jeremy Corbyn possible reshuffle of Shadow Cabinet

    Jeremy Corbyn's enemies are dead men walking - Telegraph Should these Shadow Cabinet members, jump, or wait until they are pushed. Bill.
  4. bickern

    In shadow of Erdo─čan

    It does not matter what people think of Arty, you either have to admire him or admit that those against him are no hoper's. I have to admit I do admire him, and would never take up a challenge to play chess with him...
  5. T

    Shadow Act

    well I dont know how to put it on here,however did you see BGT You Tube the act ATTRACTION a shadow act.They act out a guys story who has never seen his dad he went off to war and was killed so never saw each other and see him growing up you think there is props however they are the dancers Well...
  6. B

    Child Grooming.

    BBC News - Rochdale grooming trial: Nine found guilty of child sex charges Let's hope this disgusting bunch go down for a long time. Bill.
  7. G

    Me and My Shadow!!!!

    I am having an identity crisis!!!! Every time I book with Thomas Cook I get 2 e-mails giving flight details ,tickets etc which, as far as I can see, are the same. I just received details of a re-scheduled flight and lo and behold about 20 minutes later I got another identical one! Does anyone...
  8. VWBug

    Moon Shadow by a Turk.
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