1. G

    Sewage system in Kalkan

    Hi, we are just about to buy a property in Kalkan and have discovered the villa has a cesspit and is not on the mains sewage system. Is this a problem? We automatically assumed it would be on the main sewage system as it is a completely refurbished building. Any other helpful hints on the buying...
  2. teosgirl

    Sewage in the sea

    Sewage discharged in Aegean at touristic resort town of Ayval?k - GREEN Gezen also claimed the discharged sewage was dissolved “instantaneously” the moment it reached the sea because the discharge was 1.2 kilometers long and 35-meters deep. Phew, that's a relief. Charlotte
  3. christella

    akbuk sewage

    Apparently the high court has thrown out the akbuk reserdents having to pay sew ages fees which would have spread Over 4 payments some have paid so how are they going to get their money back
  4. LITCH

    Akbuk Council demanding money for sewage

    Dear all, I am in the middle of transferring title deed ownership to my ex husband as part of divorce proceedings. The title should have been transferred by the 4th June 2013 but ex has dragged his feet and it's still not through. Now the council are demanding 1200ytl for the new sewage system...
  5. L


    A hypothetical situation at the moment.On a sitesi or apt block not run by a maintainance company or anyone overseeing the properties who arranges for the sewage collection with the beledyi.I know I'm going to get the wise cracks about talking sh1t.
  6. maggie

    Human Sewage dumping . As a few of my friends here in Akbuk are aware I would like to draw your attention to the above story in Voices. This has been on going since June of this year and with Andy and the Voices team I may at last...
  7. A

    ongoing mains sewage charges

    I originally Put this in the wrong forum. After connection to the mains sewage disposal system are there any ongoing monthly , annual etc?
  8. M

    Sewage & drainage charges

    Our builders have added a charge on the bills of all of the residents of their sites for sewage & drainage. Everyone says they have never had this charge before. The builders say that these charges are new. I just wanted to know if anyone knows if this is the case, or if the charges have been...
  9. MIKE P

    Sewage Outlets/treatment In Akbuk

    I have seen a large cast iron inspection box on the beach, can anyone reassure me that the sewage is treated, like in most british resorts, before being allowed into the sea?? The photo is on my album, it is taken not far from Caprice Palace Hotel!!! Mike P
  10. A

    phase 3 sewage charges

    Hi all, Is anyone having problems getting the payment made to Neshrin,there seems to be something wrong with the bank details we were given.the bank (ours)contacted us to say the payment wasnt paid due to wrong account details.apparently we are not alone in this .would greatly appreciate...
  11. R

    sewage charges and water meters

    Can anyone please shed some light on the subject of sewage connection costs as I would like to know the way it is priced??Is it per site or per house and does it vary very much from area to area? Also on the subject of water meters, are they a set price or do they also vary in size (I cant see...
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