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    Iranians Sew their Lips

    In a desperate attempt to stay in the UK these Iranian Lads use fishing lines to sew their Lips. Have they never heard of Turkey they don’t even need a Visa to come here. Here ‘ Iranian asylum seekers sew their mouths together in deportation protest | Mail Online
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    Looking for a factory that can sew men's underwear

    Hi, I'm looking to find a factory in Turkey that can sew high quality men's underwear for a new underwear company. Any contacts and advice would be much appreciated. Regards, David
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    Anyone Sew?

    I love to sew but usually I just make quilts, pillow shams and curtains...things for my own enjoyment that do not require a pattern but with International Children's Day approaching my sons class will be preforming in a parade dressed in costumes from around the world and his teacher sent home...
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