1. A

    Linux Mint XFCE – Install & Setup

    I believe a couple of members have downloaded & possibly installed Linux Mint XFCE. As I am well versed with both Mint and Ubuntu XFCE desktop environments I though I would offer the benefit of my experience to anyone who may be interested. As this introduction to one of Linux finest operating...
  2. Helenm150

    Android email account setup

    I wonder if anyone can help with setting up an email account on an android - I am entering my email address and password but getting the message invalid email address or password? Many thanks, Helen :36: trying this at the moment:
  3. S

    The Fake Absolutely Altinkum forum by Paul Clements (CrashTester)

    Getting nowhere asking about this over the road so asking here Are there now 2 AA forums and why is only one of them allowing new members to register? Confused, Uzumlu
  4. G

    Setup an automatic payment from abroad

    earlier thread:Contact Info to Alanya Municipality wanted Thanks to the kindness of strangers I have been able to view my tax bill for 2008. In addition to the bill, I have to pay 25% in late fees. I want to setup an automatic payment between my danish bank and the turkish tax department if...
  5. mrsed

    Hi All - how to setup residents committee?

    Hello, can I just start by saying I am sure this is the wrong place to ask but can't find anything relevent in the searchbox. We have a apt on a med size complex in Didim & already have an elected managment committe, a few of us are keen to set up a residents committee to work alongside & to...
  6. P

    want a geek to setup computer in Fethiye

    I'm not sure which forum to use or where to start. i'm moving to Fethiye and need to get computer set up (and tv reception for bbc). I use an imax in Britain but I guess it's too big to go through as hand luggage and I need to buy a laptop and maybe an iphone to get a connection as I don't yet...
  7. hijo

    Netbook Wifi setup

    ..i got a new notebook from the uk last week ..and i am trying to get it to work wireless for the first time.from my main desktop..where do i get the code to put in ....i do know how to do it after i get the code..cheers
  8. labman

    Commitee setup?

    Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but didn't know where else to put it! I have some issues on my site with all and sundry using it, pools mainly but it goes further, to much to go into! Although I don't want to, I feel I must do something to organise our site and as far as I can...
  9. E

    Setup direct debit online for water bill.

    I wonder if anyone has come across this before and can help. I'm using Garanti bank online system to set up my water bill direct debit and where it asks for the Abone number I enter my number say '12345', and then get a message saying that it should be 10 characters. I think I should just...
  10. Mushtaq

    How to setup a business in Turkey???

    I was wondering..... what is the procedure and requirements for a foreigner to setup a business in Turkey. Does anyone know? Any big disadvantages? Mushtaq
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