1. J

    Setting Up Water DD

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to set up a water direct debit in Garanti on my app from the UK but I'm having trouble with my subscriber number. My bill show a 4 figure 'Abone' but Garanti is asking for a 9 character entry. Can anyone help me figure out what I need please? Thanks Jonathan
  2. D

    Setting up new contract with Aydem

    Our sitesi is changing over to individual electricity meters for each apartment and requires us to set up our own account with Aydem. We have been led to believe that we will need to go to Turkey in person in order to set this up. Is there any way it can be done online, or by email, or even by...
  3. L

    Any idea of costs for setting up Administration to comply with Condominiums Law?

    Hi, our small complex of 12 apartments are hoping to go through the administration procedure to comply with condominium law. Can anyone give me a rough idea how much this should cost us as we have been quoted 500 Euros plus expenses just to set up and I have no idea if this is reasonable? Many...
  4. S

    Setting Up DD to Pay Electric Bill

    Am I correct in thinking that to set up a DD to pay electic bills to Aydem all I need to do is go into my bank with a copy of a bill or electricity account number and they will do the rest. We were switched over to Aydem last October from the local builders tarrif and it was too late to arrange...
  5. beyazbayan

    Setting the record straight

    İ use the name Beyazbayan - this is a decriptive name as İ am an albino and find it very upsetting when people assume i am being racist. İf people have questions İ would prefer they ask me directly not gossip in a bitchy way behind my back.
  6. L

    Setting up legalities of

    Hi, and thanks for reading my post. I have a property on a sites (classed as a pension), wanting to set up all the legal things required to be able to rent, short term in the season. I love to hear from anyone that has done this, Bodrum area, for specifics. I know I have to register intent to...
  7. F

    Musti's: Setting the Record Straight-Rebuttal to FB Postings

    I wanted to clarify a situation that may have come to your attention thru FB, TLF or the gossip channels and set the record straight (at least from my perspective) about developments at Musti's Yalikavak. I was going to post the below comment on Mustis Facebook site. Unfortunately my brother...
  8. onz

    SETTING UP A COMMITEE for 11 apartments

    hi all can you give me the details of what is needed to set up a ...complex maintance contract for 11 apartments legally please ....notary office every thing cheers john .....I know there is a name for it cant seem to grasp it ....any help to what it costs or is needed to fulfil the legal needs...
  9. R

    Setting the Pool up again

    can anyone help us with prices of chemicals for the pool please and location of shop.
  10. RachelAlicia93

    Setting up a Turkish bank account

    I am planning on moving to Turkish in June, I will be apply for a residency permit in June when I am in Fethiye, and I need to set a Turkish bank account so I can show I can support myself, I was just wondering what the process was to do this? And which is the best to use? I've heard Deniz bank...
  11. P

    Setting up official site management

    Hi with 2 colleagues on an unofficial owners committee, I run a small complex of villas and apartments on the Bodrum Penninsula that is still being built out. We took over a few years ago when the developer and builder went bust and we are finishing off the build and running the maintenance...
  12. E

    Setting up my own business

    Hi all, i am thinking of setting up my own business in ovacik i know they say its got to be something a turk cant do, if i can prove that i can do this what do think my chances of getting a work permit . Every advice taken thanks
  13. L

    setting up a business or small holding in Turkey

    Hi, I am sorry if this topic has been talked about but I wanted to ask again and from a different angle. is it possible for an English person to set up a business in Turkey without having citizenship? for example say you had a farm and wanted to sell some produce or you made something to sell...
  14. P

    What setting on large electric regulator for Villa

    Hi, I have a large cabinet electric regulator on the outside of my villa. This is supposed to stop fluctuations in electric supply. It has a dial and a large black knob with setting for 1 or 2. anyone know which setting it should be on?
  15. O

    Setting up a Lira account

    We are wondering whether it is possible to set up a Lira account before we move to Turkey. We are not sure what the options might be, HSBC springs to mind, AK and Garanti seem to have branches in London. We are equally unsure whether a Turkish Tax number might be needed. If it is possible to...
  16. edeller

    Setting up TV thingamybobs....

    First must apologise, have done a search, came up with some info from you all but Im crap at understanding this stuff and I need someone to give me an idiots guide.... Moving into new apartment in a few weeks. Theres a TV in there lol! Thats ALL I know. Been trying to get to grips with what...
  17. S

    A new find for good food and setting - Teldolap Cafe & Restaurant, Gumusluk

    On recommendation of friends we visited this one year old establishment for dinner during our recent 'villa opening up' trip. Set high above Gumusluk (find the roundabout obn the Gumusluk to bodrum road, take a left and follow the signs, keep going up, even though the road becomes a track...
  18. K

    Setting up power of attorney

    Can anyone clarify to me that when one wants to set up a power of attorney for another person can this be sent say from Ireland and then translated into turkish and then noterised in Turkey without the person from Ireland being in Turkey. Does anyone also know how much this costs to do at the...
  19. bodrumsjh

    Foreigners Setting up a Ltd Company

    Below is an extract from the Turkish Daily News, which refers to a change to the law which currently allows a foreigner to buy land (property) by means of setting up a Turkish Ltd Company. There appears to be a six month time limit before the changes come into force. Doea anyone know how...
  20. Mary

    Setting Up A Company

    Hi Guys, I have looked in the search threads, so apologise if this has been asked before. How do you go about setting up a Limited Company? Not sure what to do and if this is possible, require some help/advice anything at all would be usefull at this stage. Do you need a Turkish Partner, etc etc...
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