1. C

    leather settees and tables 4 sale koycegiz

    leather recliners 3 seater 300 lira 2 seater 300 lira or 500 lira the pair coffe table 75 lira nest of 3 tables 75 lira 3 seater 2 seater 2 arm chairs in gold 400 lira set collect from koycegiz thank you if a moderator could put adds toegether thank you
  2. A

    Settees for disposal

    Hello Dalyan we have 2 settees to give away dose anyone know if the dalyan animal centre would want them.
  3. T

    2 Leather Settees for sale

    FOR SALE 2 Yellow Leather settees with Teak Trimmings English Furniture for sale -a 2 seater & 3 seater- in Dalyan. 150 TL. ONO. If interested Pm me.
  4. L

    urgent sale - 2x3 seater settees

    ı have 2x3 seater settees slıghtly damaged but easly repaıred owıng to removıng people leather arms backs all so 2x arm chaırs to match hardly used URGENT SALE REQUIRED sensable offers requıred to make room for new suıte commıng
  5. D

    Bed Settees

    Hi Everyone, Have looked on line at Eren Spot and the above type of furniture does not seem to be part of his range is it something he has but does not advertise or is it by special request. Or am i looking in the wrong place ???? Many thanks
  6. murdo

    settees, chairs, televisions and microwaves

    Hi I realise they vary, but what sort of price are these? Looking for an idea of budget for a 2 or a 3 bedroom apartment Thanks Jackie
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