1. juco

    Londoner who is knowledgeable re bus services.

    I thought I would ask anyway. I am arriving at Euston station and need to get to Heathrow ( 31st August) , from past experience many many moons ago I dont want to use the tube too many line and platform changes whilst trailing suitcases. And last time I ended up going in the wrong direction :-(...
  2. bickern

    NHS services hit in global cyber-attack

    Theresa May confirms ransomware attack is part of wider international incident as IT systems that underpin patient safety are compromised The NHS has been hit as part of a global cyber-attack that threw hospitals and businesses in the UK and around the world into chaos. The unprecedented...
  3. W

    Didim Health Services

    Some advice/info requested please. On the trip over to Turkey I had symptoms which indicated a clot in my leg . I phoned my GP in the UK from Serbia and was advised to take ibuprofen en route, get anti biotics on arrival in Turkey and take them for 2 weeks. Should the leg swell the advice was to...
  4. T

    Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud services blocked in Turkey followi

    If you have important data on any of those sites and are still able to access them from Turkey I'd suggest to make a local copy, because you probably won't be able to access them for quite a while
  5. S

    property management services

    Apologies if there is another thread on this topic. Could we please ask for recommendations for property management and cleaning services in the Tuzla area. Thank you
  6. L

    Property Management services

    H, can anyone recommend a property management service that operates in Ovacik, cleaning, checking after rentals etc. thanks
  7. C

    Villa Cleaning & Laundry Services: Recommendations

    Does anyone have recommendations for a good Villa Cleaning & Laundry service in the Gumusluk area. This would be primarily to service holiday lettings throughout the summer season. The main requirements would be that the company (or persons) could communicate in English and accept bookings via...
  8. suzyq

    Türk Telekom merges all products, services under single brand

    Türk Telekom has merged all of its products and services offered by Avea, TTNET and Türk Telekom under the single Türk Telekom brand, in line with global trends and the needs of its customers. With this step, Türk Telekom has consolidated its position as an integrated communication, technology...
  9. oldfogy

    Transfer Fee for Services

    Does anyone know what the transfer fee is for changing both the electric and water accounts into a new owners name? Just in case districts have different rates this is for Didim, but almost any rough guide will be appreciated.
  10. C

    A Little Clarity on Who Pays for NHS Services
  11. Carolyn

    British Consular Services

    At some time or another members may find themselves having to administer an oath, affadavit or affirmation of document(s) before a British Consular Official. Until very recently you could make an appointment at certain Vice-Consulates throughout Turkey - e.g. Antalya. Unfortunately this is no...
  12. K

    Problems for expats using UK banking services

    We are preparing a report on issues that British expats in Turkey have with their banks in the UK. If you are resident in Turkey, and have had problems using UK banking services, simply because you are living abroad, please contact the editor at KTLN with your story. No personal details will...
  13. J

    Legal Challenge/Registered Site Security Services

    Myself and a couple of other owners I know have just found out that an EGM has been held on our site, decisons made, fees decided and we were totally unaware of this EGM having been called. We were in the UK when this EGM was called and thus available to sign any registered/recorded delivery...
  14. B

    Ttnet internet services

    Can anyone please tell me what TTNET's unlimited data internet package allows ? I am assuming there is a fair usage policy in force and dont want to overshoot the data limit. Basically I use the internet for streaming BBC IPlayer and am wondering how many hours usage/viewing the unlimited...
  15. Jaycey

    Alanya Property Services APC247

    We are renting our Oba apartment out through APC247 and things seem to be going squiffy. Does anyone have any experience of dealings with this company? Any info will be greatly appreciated :25:
  16. suzyq

    Ministry of Health begins offering services in 6 languages

    As the number of foreign patients in Turkish hospitals has increased threefold in the last four years, the Ministry of Health has recently added two more languages -- Persian and French – in which it provides services, including consulting and translation, in addition to English, Arabic, Russian...
  17. suzyq

    Drunken revellers stretch emergency services to the limit

    Why are these people being treated for free and why is good money being wasted on them when it could be put to better use? In London, a centre for drunks in Soho was set up at a cost of £500,000. All beds were taken by 11.30pm on Friday. Paramedics in the major cities were stretched to the...
  18. Y

    Home delivery services

    I've recently discovered the wonderful convenience of home delivery from Migros - a great help to me in this weather with no transport of my own and some health problems right now I wondered about other home delivery services available in Fethiye .... for example anywhere selling imported food...
  19. T

    Problems with CPM Management Services Dalaman

    We have recently had an issue with guests staying at our villa contracting health problems as a result of the pool not being maintained properly, which CPM initiatlly advised they would pay their medical bills but are now trying to get out of it! We were over the week before the guests and...
  20. C

    keyholder services and cleaning

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to know what is the best option for key holding and cleaning apartment. is their anyone you would recommend or any company that is reasonable and reliable and honest. I want to rent the apartment next season or as soon as i'm back from my holidays. any advice on how to...
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