1. bickern

    New streaming service and it's FREE

    THERE’S a new kid on the block when it comes to movie streaming and unlike long-established services from the likes of Sky, Netflix, and Amazon – this one is completely free to watch. Until very recently, Plex didn’t offer any way to access content from third-party providers. Instead, it was...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Courier Service

    Can anyone tell me where I will find a good courier service in Fethiye please? I have important documents to post that I can't afford to go missing. Thanks xx
  3. T

    Most economical and guaranteed shipping service to outside of Turkey

    Hi, Which postal service is the best for outside of Turkey? I want to send lots of documents to different countries. Anybody had experience? Time is not so much important than price and warranty! Thanks
  4. W

    Tree cutting service

    Hi everyone, not been on here for a few years now. Could not remember my username , it was AndyJ I think. Anyway , not been to our Turkish home so much due to work etc. I need a tree cutting company or a cherry picker to hire. I got permission from my neighbours to cut their palm tree down a...
  5. Camden

    New Ferry Service

    New Ferry Service Connects Mainland Greece with Turkey Ferry services between Smyrna’s (Izmir) Cesme district and the Lavrio port, near Athens began Sunday with a special ceremony at the Turkish Port. It is the first time that the Turkish and Greek mainlands will be connected by ferry...
  6. bickern

    New military service law

    The Turkish parliament on June 25 ratified a new military service law cutting the military service period in half. A total of 335 lawmakers approved the law in the 600-seat parliament, 17 lawmakers voted against it, and two lawmakers abstained. The new law reduces the...
  7. T

    Service Laundries in Marmaris

    Hello Marmaris, Returning, after 8 years, for the month of April and wondered where I might get a weekly service wash done. Personal clothing. I shall be staying at the Blue Bay hotel. Couldn't find a related subject on TLF. Can anybody help, please? Very grateful, Colin
  8. immac

    Cash to Buy Out Military Service

    From Hurriyet: "...The law enables young Turkish men to complete their military service in 21 days instead of five-and-a-half or 12 months if they are university graduates and pay an amount of money to the government through bank accounts. According to the law, citizens born on or before Jan...
  9. K

    French to bring back National Service

    President Macron is keeping one of his election promises.
  10. W

    Key holding and change over service

    Hi does anyone know of an individual who offers a key holding and change over service in the Gulluk area.
  11. A89

    Internet service providers in Turkey

    I've been having a lot of problems with my internet for the last couple of months either none at all or very very slow (less than 1mbps). TTNET keep sayıng theres nothıng wrong and must be my equipment. Fırst it was somethıng downstairs where the internet comes into the building. Changed that...
  12. M

    Sewing machine service

    Does anyone know where I can get my sewing machine serviced/fixed, I have a problem with the tension. Thanks
  13. Mushtaq

    Crackdown on 'corrosive' online hate crimes launched by Crown Prosecution Service

    Changes 'will remind the trolling brigade that there are real consequences for hitting the button' and will 'undoubtedly lead to an increase in prosecutions' Hate crimes committed on social media will be treated as seriously as similar street-based offences, according to new guidelines issued...
  14. Sha Hoorsur

    Self service checkouts, bah humbug.

    I was in Asda the other day, and like all the other supermarkets they are increasing the number of self service checkouts and reducing the number of staffed ones. The result is that there is always a big queue at the staffed checkouts, so if I an only buying a few items I am forced to use the...
  15. Freedom 49

    Our Super Fire Service.

    Last Saturday at about 5pm, a customer that's out here viewing with us at the moment, appeared at the office door to say, "Ann, your building's on fire." My response was, "Oh Gary, stop mucking about", to which he replied, "I'm serious, take a look around the back." Well, you can see from the...
  16. hayabusa

    Internet Service.

    Hi there, I know there is lots of details on Internet in this Forum, and rather than read all through this, Can anyone advise what is the best and cheapest way to get internet in Turkey ?.... I have a Turkcell Vinn, but that runs out before I get back to Turkey, so have to renew it every time...
  17. bickern

    PayPal Halts Service In Turkey

    PayPal has decided to no longer offer their services in Turkey because the company could not get the necessary license from the local authorities. If even payment giants like PayPal are facing regulatory scrutiny, perhaps it is time for a change. Also read: Cerber Ransomware Offered...
  18. C

    Aircon service

    Hi can any one recommend a good air conditioning contractor to service my Arclik units . I am in second beach area of Altinkum, thanks Clive
  19. paddington bear

    TT Net Service

    Does anyone have a number for me to call for service from TT Net as I have a problem with the internet and mobile phone. The number I have is 4440375 - press 9 for English but everything is in Turkish, Just wondering if their number has changed. Thanks. Sue
  20. yalimart

    Public Service Pensions Debt

    Is it time to cut and run and simply tell all ex Public service employees you have had your last pension payment ? Or should the rest of the population carry on paying more tax and insurance to fund them ? Government accused over 'hidden debt time bomb' - BT Martin
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