1. bickern

    Police sergeant sues bosses for £250,000

    A police officer who was shot at with live rounds during a training exercise is suing his bosses for £250,000. Sergeant Robert Haughey was forced to dodge bullets which missed him by inches as he was fired on during drills at the Connaught army barracks in Dover. The 47-year-old claims the...
  2. simpsons

    Injured RAF Sergeant

    This is disgusting. Britain is be becoming too PC and pandering to minorities Hospital moves RAF veteran out of A&E because he was wearing uniform | UK | News | Daily Express Those in charge need sacking
  3. B

    SAS Sergeant released.

    BBC News - SAS man Danny Nightingale released by Court of Appeal This seems to me to be a sensible outcome. Bill.
  4. B

    SAS Sergeant.

    SAS sniper Sgt Nightingale launches appeal today - Telegraph I really hope this soldier wins his appeal, as he pleaded guilty to the offence he can hopefully get the sentence reduced and be out with his family for Christmas...
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