1. S

    Appropriate sentence?

    Does the punishment fit the crime
  2. juco

    This Dr sums it up in one sentence

    Obamacare......Apparently this doctor was sacked not long after this speech.
  3. B

    Is a "life" sentence enough?

    BBC News - Oxford grooming sex case: Brothers jailed for life Are these appropriate sentences for the crimes these men committed? Personally I don't think they should ever be released. Bill.
  4. teosgirl

    Turkish justice - reduced sentence for unjustifiable provocation

    How can swearing or cheating be deemed 'unjustifiable provocation'? and be used as a legitimate reason for lowering the jail term. We've seen some very questionable judicial decisions recently and I'm afraid we could be heading back to the dark ages... LOCAL - Murder charge reduced for unjust...
  5. B

    Whole Life Sentence.

    Bill.BBC News - Whole life prison terms upheld by Court of Appeal Hopefully the link has taken this time. I think these judges have got it right.
  6. C

    help translating 1 sentence please

    hi, im really sorry but have been in a conversation with a friend and theres just 1 sentence i cant translate and she doesnt know the correct translation into english. if anyone could help me with this i would be so grateful: ben yazları buradayım sorun ya!! Many thanks
  7. P

    That's what I call a sentence.

    No do-good trendy leftie sentencing here. Jaycee Lee Dugard's kidnapper Phillip Garrido used Taser gun to stop her escaping | Mail Online
  8. E

    Translation please - 1 sentence

    Can somebody please translate this for me: cunku sana yanlislik yapmak isteme Thank you!
  9. teosgirl

    Death sentence - stoning

    As the news story regarding an Iranian mother of two named Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani who was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran in 2006 and is still awaiting a date or aquittal gathers interest, it begs the question, how involved should you become in actively disagreeing with another...
  10. Martyn

    Man gets reduced sentence because he is religious!

    Cherie Blair was on hand to dish out the sentence. Anger as Cherie Blair spares devout man from jail - Times Online
  11. SuperBogs

    New death sentence for Iraq's "Chemical Ali"

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An Iraqi court sentenced Ali Hassan al-Majeed, the Saddam Hussein-era official widely known as "Chemical Ali," on Sunday to death by hanging for a 1988 gas attack that killed about 5,000 Kurds, a court official said. Majeed, a cousin of Saddam's who earned his nickname...
  12. KKOB

    Oludeniz Mayor Gets 15 Year Jail Sentence

    Ölüdeniz Belediye Başkanı Keramettin Yılmaz has been sentenced to a 15 year jail term following a courtcase where he has been found guilty, along with a number of co-conspirators, of corruption during the building of the Belediye offices in Hisaronu. He is apparently under house-arrest pending...
  13. Martyn

    Sentence reduced in baby P case

    Baby P killer Jason Owen has sentence reduced by Court of Appeal - Times Online
  14. A

    adding one sentence

    Just for a bit of fun. Continue story adding on 1 sentence I was walking down the road.......................................
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