1. F

    Sending luggage home

    I realise that like most subjects, this one must have been covered extensively, but I'm not very clever when it comes to using websites (I blame old age) so apologies for raising the question again. We recently sold our abode here in Fethiye and now have 5 suitcases which we wish to send to the...
  2. Mushtaq

    Jordan's king accuses Turkey of sending terrorists to Europe

    King Abdullah of Jordan accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe at a top level meeting with senior US politicians in January, the MEE can reveal. The king said Europe’s biggest refugee crisis was not an accident, and neither was the presence of terrorists among them: “The fact that...
  3. H

    Sending parcel to Turkey

    Hello people, I want to send a gift to a friend in Turkey. It's a handbag, what tax/complications are involved here? I understand I will have to declare a value but I don't want her to be charged with a whopping tax at her end? Is there any 'legal' way to safely send this and hoping it will...
  4. S

    Sending money to the UK

    Hi, I have two back accounts in turkey and was wondering what would be the fastest way to send a large amount from a Turkish to a uk bank, not the 3 to 4 days one, thanks
  5. S

    Sending important documents to UK

    Hi all, sorry if it's in the wrong forum, couldn't really decide where to ask. What is the quickest/best/most economic way of sending important documents to the UK from Turkey. The PTT have been great so far but it takes 7-10 days, I need these paper to get there in 3. I've looked on DHL but...
  6. B

    Sending goods to Turkey

    I used Caryn who wrote on TLF that they transfer personal possessions from the UK. If any one had any concerns,I just had to say what a fantastic job they did for us. I can highly recommend them and their service.
  7. hayabusa

    Sending things via Courier to Turkey.

    Has anyone used a courier to send stuff to Turkey from UK ?. I have some stuff to send and was wondering who the best courier is in Turkey. From UK to Turkey is not a problem I think, but am concerned about which is the best in Turkey.
  8. S

    Sending Letters to Turkey

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how long it takes to receive a letter sent from England to Turkey?
  9. A

    Sending Children to Turkish Govt Schools

    Hello all, I have recently moved to Turkey from Pakistan for studies. My family is with me and I have two young daughters whom I want to send to the nearest public school. I need information on what procedures I have to follow. My Turkish is not good, so I cannot get much info from the school...
  10. S

    Sending love to Lyndsey

    I would like us all to think about Lyndsey Coleman as her treasured Dad Neil will be getting buried at noon tomorrow. For those that don’t know, Neil died suddenly on the 1st June at the age of 46, his death followed his Sister’s sudden death 2 days before. I can’t begin to imagine what Lyndsey...
  11. J

    sending GBP to Turkish bank

    Hi Can anyone help us? we are trying to send our villa deposit to a Turkish bank account but all the sites we have been on want to convert the money into Lira & he wants £ is there a way to do this easily & cheap our bank [Yorkshire bank] wants to charge us £24. Thanks
  12. T

    Sending phone as present in Turkey

    I want to send a phone for a friend's birthday in Turkey . i read on net is very complicated to do so... i read something about a registration that person has to make...and that doesn't seem so hard. but is there any papers i have to do to be able to send the phone with cargo ? please...can...
  13. 5

    Sending Email

    Hi, Has anybody managed to solve the problem of sending emails using outlook? Cheers John
  14. F

    Anyone willing to send regular medicine to the UK?

    Wasnt really sure where to put this and I probably expect to get some flack for it.. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who would be willing to send some medicine over every 10 days or so? I am prepared to pay £25 or so for your time, each time plus the cost of the medicine and postage on top?-...
  15. Psychofox

    Sending Birthday Gift from UK to Turkey

    Hello everyone I have a question regarding sending a package to Turkey which will be a birthday present The total contents of the items will be £70 and i plan on using somebody like Parcel Force to deliver it but my question is... Will i need to pay import duty? and if i do then can i pay it...
  16. davet

    Sending items from UK to Turkey

    Hello, I have just started the process of buying a villa in Uzumlu and hopefully will move in around end of April/early May. Can anyone please advise on the best method of packing and sending personal items (clothes, ornaments, pictures bikes etc Not Furniture) and who might be a good company...
  17. P

    Sending a letter to Turkey

    Can anyone recommend the safest,most secure method of sending a document(in a letter) to Turkey.
  18. L

    sending christmas present to turkey

    I am wanting to send some christmas presents to turkey but i am a bit worried that they will get stopped by customs as things i have sent before have been and never returned :( I am wanting to send a mobile phone and a couple of items of clothes. any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in...
  19. P

    Sending money to Turkey

    Hi All, We are new to all this, having come here on holiday in August, fallen in love with the people and area and now are in the process of buying a property. When we sent a deposit (stirling) to a stirling account in Turkey the required amount left our bank but nearly 1% less arrived (we had...
  20. Mushtaq

    BT in privacy row after sending customer data to ACS:Law

    BT sent more than 500 customers' details, unencrypted, to law firm chasing illegal file sharers Josh Halliday, Wednesday 29 September 2010 18.44 BST BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, sent details about its customers to ACS:Law, the firm of London solicitors at the...
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