1. J

    Send Money

    Hello all, Can anyone advise the easiest and cheapest way to send ytl to the UK and turn it into sterling on the way? Are there any Turkish apps like XE? Thank you J
  2. S

    Send pic by PM

    Is it possible to send a photo by PM????
  3. W

    How much does it cost to send my child to a state school in Fethiye?

    Hi can anyone outline the weekly cost please? Ie. service , dinner money etc? Thankyou
  4. B

    Stephen Sutton send off.

    BBC News - Stephen Sutton gets social media send-off A great turn-out for this brave young man. Bill.
  5. yalimart

    UKIP - send them all back

    We have had the National Front, Column 88, BNP and other right wing groups, The Conservatives were not quite far enough to the right for Victoria Ayling so she joined UKIP, does that tell us something ? UKIP Politician In 'Send Them Back' Video Do people agree with her sentiments and would you...
  6. C

    I need something from MIGROS to send to Germany !!

    Hello folks, we were in Antalya two weeks ago and had a great time. Is there somebody who can send me something from Antalya's Migros Shooping Center to Germany via mail? Maybe someone who works at Migros??!! The cost to buy it at Migros ist only about 5 EUR (10 TLR) and I will pay in...
  7. N

    Please send us some positive thoughts today.

    Last February, my dear old dad had to have an emergency line inserted in his chest to facilitate dialysis. Since then he has had a fistula made in his arm and last week he got the go ahead to dialysis through that and today's the day. We have been told 50% of fistula's fail on the first use and...
  8. K

    Send a free postcard

    Until the end of August you can create and send a free postcard for your loved ones back home using a new website by Samsung called touchnote. Simply upload a nice photo, type in a message and then put in a name and postal address and Samsung will do the rest. Enjoy everyone.
  9. D

    UK ebay account from turkey can i send to uk?!?!?! please help :(

    hi there im sure people are doing it sumhow just i no how strict the customs are with letting things into turkey so im wondering would it be possible for me to keep my uk ebay account and since i am now located in turkey can i see original designer clothing from here , my only concern is that...
  10. F

    Anyone willing to send regular medicine to the UK?

    Wasnt really sure where to put this and I probably expect to get some flack for it.. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who would be willing to send some medicine over every 10 days or so? I am prepared to pay £25 or so for your time, each time plus the cost of the medicine and postage on top?-...
  11. W

    Can't send email when in Turkey

    Hi everybody When in France I am connected on and therefore my mailbox are orange . When in Turkey (Cesme) I am connected ADSL via TTNET. Windows XP SP3 and Outlook Express 6 I receive very well all my mail on my orange boxes problem ! However I can't send mail from my orange...
  12. M

    Emails goin out that I didnt send??

    There has been a number of emails going out of my AOL account that I have not sent. How can and does this happen? Anyone know? I have run a stinger and nothing found, I have run a virus check and nothing found. I have been into my account changed my password and removed lots of contacts...
  13. gerald

    Boob job send guy mental - WTF !!!! It soon gets boring so........
  14. R

    no send on messenger

    [Every time I download the latest version of WINDOWS MESSENGER, I have no SEND, I recieve messages o.k. and I can type a reply, but I have no send. Its driving me barmy, I'v downloaded about 8 times now over a couple of months every time with the same result. PLEASE HELP...
  15. Sweetnighter

    Can't send e-mails via ""

    Merhaba all,I have a problem I am in Yalikavak at the moment. When in England I use BT and have a "" e-mail address. When I was last in Yalikavak, at my apartment, on a Sitesi that has "WI-FI" I was able to send and receive e-mails.On this visit however I am receiving e-mails but...
  16. MISSC2000

    Whats the Cheapest way to send Money to Turkey

    I need to send £250 pound over to Turkey. DOes anyone know what the Cheapest and reliable way to send. Would Paypal be an option? Thankyou C
  17. Dalaman Deli

    Exchanging Lira to send to UK

    This morning we are in the middle of an apartment sale. The English seller is living in the UK. The buyer is Turkish and is currently wiring the agreed amount of money, in Lira, to our client account. (The seller realises that he will be affected by rate fluctuations but was keen to sell and...
  18. bobthenob

    Fsbo Unable to send

    Everytime l wish to send a Fsbo listing request,lt always appear as error,and doesn't recogize the address.So is unable to send. This is the message that comes up time again. The host 'smtp' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'pop3'...
  19. J

    send over a to large boxes of personal items

    Hi Everyone, I have a villa near to Kusadasi...No I am not relocating can't afford too. Anyway I am moving to a smaller property and some of my Items i would like to have in my villa. No TV etc..small items. Any suggestions on what is the best way to ship items and am I liable to pay any taxes...
  20. the sausage king

    Please send email details

    Hi everyone should you wish to be included on our data base so that you can receive special offers and our weekly news letter The weekly Sausage, then please send me your details. Details can be left on my website Kind regards Greg The Sausage King
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