1. C

    where is Ozzy, Semtours?

    hi..i have just seen this part on good to ask info about lost friends.. I want to ask about Ozzy who has worked for there anyone knows about him ? or knows where he is now or where is he working?? i need your help even one of you heard about his last position:) thnks all..
  2. C

    Semtours still running?

    Any info ?? Are they still running?? Maybe some of you still use them ?? as i heard they closed their office..there was a turkish guy working there ( my friend) ozzie.. just trying to reach him..any info would be appreciated..
  3. marymossi


    We paid for our transfers on Friday and were to be picked up at 1.30 am Saturday morning. They still hadn't turned up for us at 2.30 so we had to get a taxi. I am really grateful to ZaZa I think the name was for coming to get us so quickly. Has anyone else had this problem as I may have to...
  4. O

    ozzie isnt for SEMTOURS anymore..

    Hi, This is not an advertisement. I just want people to know that i am not working for Semtours anymore. This information is to the people who are using Semtours for airport transfers... Best Wishes to all... Ozzie
  5. B

    Semtours Offices?

    Does anyone know where the offices of Semtours are in Altinkum? Are they near Gima or Migos? Thanks in advance. Mel & Anne. (Beachhhhhhh)
  6. W

    Is Semtours still doing Airport transfers

    Hi everyone, I have tried contacting Semtours about airport tranfers from Bodrum to Altinkum. I have tried the booking form on their web page, I've tried to e-mail them, I've also tried to contact them by personal messaging on TLF but all to no avail. Can anyone tell me if they are still in...
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