1. S

    State of property market this year. To buy or to sell

    Does anyone have knowledge of property market this year. How Much a 2 bedroom 100 square meter Apartment in Tosmur ,in Alanya worth?
  2. S

    Turkish municipalities to sell vegetables

    Turkish municipalities to start selling vegetables next week ISTANBUL Turkish municipalities to start selling vegetables next week Municipalities will start selling vegetables and fruits next week directly to consumers in an effort to curb the prices of those items while state-owned lender...
  3. stmary

    Which agent would you choose to sell your property

    Which agent would you recommend to sell your property , there are loads up the market streets , of Altinkum ... but which one would you not touch We have read all sorts what agents have got up to ,so please lets have all your imput honestly and truthful ...
  4. S

    Can you sell apartment without an Estate Agent?

    Hi my friend wants to sell his apartment as he has only been to it twice in the 8 years he has owned it. I am currently in Turkey and mentioned it to the pool man who knows someone who is interested. They have been to have a look and are wanting to make an offer. Is it possible to sell...
  5. Jaycey

    Tata Steel to sell off entire British business

    Tata Steel to sell off entire British business Tata Steel is set to pull out of all its UK operations, including Port Talbot, in a move that could put thousands of jobs at risk. The company announced late on Tuesday night that its board had rejected an “unaffordable” turnaround plan for Port...
  6. J

    i wan't to sell my half of house

    hello all i live in uk 13years a go i divorced my turkish husband here in the uk but in keciorion in ankara we both own a house both names were on ev tapu but I'm now remarried and don't won't to own the house in turkey i won't to sell my share in the house but live in the uk unemployed
  7. M

    Is it time to sell up?

    Hi there Just looking for a bit of advice. I've a property in Oba for the last nine years. Its been rented now at a very low rent but with everything that's going on in Turkey at the moment should I sell up now? I'll definitely be taking a hit of about 30/40% loss on it? Any thoughts? Should...
  8. bickern

    AVG can sell your browsing history to third parties

    I gather they are not doing so at present, so probably just a media scare but... ----------------------------------------------- Computer security firm AVG is coming under fire for its recently updated privacy policy. The new policy explicitly allows the retention of browser history and the...
  9. N

    Possible to Sell Turkish Property without Residency Permit?

    Can you sell your property with out residence Had for about 11 years?
  10. T

    laws when you sell last property in a company.

    Just checking what are the rules if you are in a company and the last property in company is sold . I heard that there is a 15% with-holding tax to be paid , plus the winding up costs of the company. If there is with-holding tax and you owe no tax , do you get it back later.
  11. H

    Can I sell my motorbike without Residency.

    Sold our villa in Yalikavak last year after almost a decade of summers out there. I bought a motorbike long before the many rule changes came into force and always kept tax & insurance up to date. Then out of the blue the normal insurance renewal, a 5 minute visit to the local Sigorta office...
  12. D

    sell house in Turkey

    can anybody tell me how is the tax, when i sell my house in Turkey?
  13. skididley

    Who to sell with ?

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my 2 bedroom apartment on Sunset Residence in Side, can anyone recommend a good reputable company who would advertise and try to sell........thank you in advance...... Skididley......
  14. M

    Can I sell my apartment without a Tapu?

    I have owned my apartment in Olive Grove Village, Marmaris for 7 years. However due to a dispute between the builder/developer Sabahat Cumbel and the Council (I believe), I and many others there have not yet received my Tapu. Is it possible to sell even at a reduced price giving this knowledge...
  15. L

    Help to sell sailing boat

    After all the grief I had of buying my new hobbiecat wave 14 last year and paying silly money to get it to turkey I have decide to sell it as I,ve only used 3-4 times and scares the Shiiite out of me. I know I,m going to lose a lot of money but I,d rather sell it than shuffle it around my...
  16. Mag

    Garth Brooks sell out Dublin Concerts.

    Garth Brooks is playing his "Comeback Special" in Dublin on 25th., 26th. and 27th. July next in Dublin's Croke Park. This morning, 240,000 tickets sold out within 90 minutes of going on sale. Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones to secure a "golden ticket":33: Gardai (police) had to be...
  17. Neil_Denizli

    Turkish Lira/İnterest Rates

    Obviously now is the exchange rate is best it's been for years, but how high will it go? Will it come down any time soon? I am sitting on a pile of sterling I can change to TL at a click - after all, it will be here I spend it eventually, and I am getting tempted. Don't really follow the news...
  18. G

    Looking to sell 2 bedroomed apartment

    Hi all on tlf We are considering selling our 2 bedroomed apartment. Please pm if you would like information
  19. H

    Outrageous - Woman Tries To Sell Baby In Istanbul Airport Toilet

    Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines
  20. R

    Refund of electric meter if you sell up

    does anybody know if this is true, you tell aydem you've sold and you want meter refund and you get about 200/250tl refund, any help appreciated
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