1. S

    Directions to Seki

    Does anyone know which bus I could get along the D400 from Konakli to Dirmita┼č. As I need to go to SekI .
  2. immac

    Skiing (Seki) Info

    I am trying to find a contact number for the ski center at Seki (between Fethiye and Antalya). Is there a Web site? Is there a contact number? Is it still open? Ian
  3. KKOB

    Seki Ski Resort Ready

    According to a post on another forum, the Seki Ski Resort will be opening on 25th December.
  4. A


    Last week we drove from Korkuteli to Fethiye via Elmal─▒ an Seki. Between Seki and the Fethiye road junction we spotted a brown sign directing towards (please excuse the spelling) Onianda. Does anyone know what is there and is it worth a visit? We will probably go to the highest point between...
  5. KKOB

    Oil Wrestling at Seki

    Don't forget folks that the local Oil Wrestling Championships are being held at Seki this weekend. Mrs KKOB and I will be there and I'll be slapping on a litre of extra virgin and seeing if I can get a grip on things ! :dooh:
  6. M

    Seki Ski - Details ????

    Hi anyone know anything about the 'ski facilities' at Seki ? Is it easy to get to by car from Fethiye and is it worth going up for a day's ski next week ? Can I hire ski's / boots up there - How much will it cost for a day's skiing ? Thanks Mike
  7. lorraine

    Free day out to Seki

    Tourism for winter in Fethiye is slow but could well change, The much talked about new ski resort is to get an extra push next weekend with a visit to the resort, transport is free for all who turn up, could make a good day out and be informative if nothing else. By the land of lights
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