1. teosgirl

    3900 litres of bootleg alcohol seized in Fethiye

    Gendarmerie seize 3,900 liters of bootleg alcohol in Fethiye - LOCAL Please be careful this year when buying spirits and mixers in the resorts. Unfortunately we have seen the consequences of bootleg alcohol and from personal experience (Bodrum) I can tell you the effects are not nice. Charlotte
  2. bickern

    Twenty-three tons of marijuana have been seized in Diyarbakır

    This really does have to be applauded. Wow, quite a few smokes in those trucks. ------------------------------------------------------- Largest drug stash ever seized in operation in south east Turkey Twenty-three tons of marijuana have been seized in Diyarbakır province, the largest amount...
  3. bickern

    Vocaine worth £100 million has been seized by Royal Navy

    Well done you guys, keep up the good work. Probably a small dent in the overall supply chain but every bit helps. Royal Navy seize £100 million worth of cocaine in 'extraordinary' drugs bust | World | News | Daily Express
  4. Firefox

    $6 Trillion Seized

    Police in Switzerland have seized 6 Trillion dollars, I have trouble distinguishing between the real economy and the Fake. Who Knows? Police Seize $6T in Fake U.S. Treasury Bonds in Switzerland | Fox Business
  5. arrian

    breast milk seized!

    safety fears over the breast milk ice-cream. Restaurant selling breast milk ice cream has it seized by council officials | Mail Online
  6. carolk

    Eyes of Didim complex seized!

    It is my understanding that this complex (Eyes of Didim) built by Didim Design Group has been seized by the courts and will be auctioned to pay creditors, with over 32 buyers affected. Anyone know anything about it?
  7. merlin

    25kg of explosives seized in Erzurum....

    Jandarma seized 25kg of explosives which was planted on the Erzurum-Erzincan railway yesterday. During controls of the Erzurum-Erzincan railway route, Jandarma found the explosives which was planted in two different points of the railway near Sansa river. The explosives were set up to...
  8. merlin

    Russian Uranium Seized in Turkey, Dealers Detained....

    Turkish security forces today seized 173 grams of medium-grade uranium from two men arrested in Istanbul. Authorities fear the dangerous substance smuggled from Russia could have landed in the hands of terrorists, Turkish media reported. Two people who were planning to sell the substance in a...
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