1. K

    Desperate Datca Dame seeks decorator!

    Can anyone recommend a painter/decorator in Datca who a) knows what masking tape is for and will use it; b) has ladders or staging to use inside a stairwell? Please PM me with contact details. Grateful thanks in advance. K.
  2. newhorizon

    Oil Drop Means Cheaper Fares as Turkish Air Seeks Expansion

    Turkish Airlines (THYAO), the carrier that flies to more destinations than any other in the world, will use oil’s drop as an opportunity to cut prices, expand its destination map and increase market share, its chairman said. Promotional tickets targeted at budget-minded travelers will help lift...
  3. Squeaky

    Israel seeks ways to halt Göktürk satellite project

    Good afternoon I don't know about others but I am pleased when I read statements such these especially when I remember how Turkey had to sniffle to Israel to purchase some aerial drones a few years ago: [I]Once the satellite is launched, Turkey will be able to sell the images obtained through...
  4. S

    Looking for a factory that can sew men's underwear

    Hi, I'm looking to find a factory in Turkey that can sew high quality men's underwear for a new underwear company. Any contacts and advice would be much appreciated. Regards, David
  5. Squeaky

    Erdoğan seeks to turn 'new page' with Turkey's news media

    Good afternoon: PM Erdogan has held a breakfast meeting with members of the press to discuss problems: In his conciliatory message on the media, Erdoğan acknowledged his past harshness and said some statements had been made in anger. He saluted the media as the “Fourth Estate” and said...
  6. R

    Turkish town with patron saint link seeks English twin

    BBC News - Urgup in Turkey seeks English twin on St George's Day
  7. KKOB

    Turkey seeks visa-free travel in Europe

    “It’s unacceptable that certain Balkan countries that are in the initial stages of the membership process and have not begun negotiations have been given the Schengen privilege, while Turkey, considering the level that Turkish-EU relations have reached, has not,” Turkey seeks visa-free travel...
  8. KKOB

    Marmaris seeks solution to hassling problem

    The problem of hassling in the resort town of Marmaris is so big even the local tourism director refuses to walk on the street. Marmaris seeks solution to hassling problem - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  9. C

    rescue puppy seeks new home

    Hi there - i rescued a street dog, that ended up being pregnant and she had 8 beautiful puppies... so far i've found homes for 6 of them, but there are 2 still left... they are lovely dogs, used to people, friendly, loving, inquisitive and cheeky - typical pups, and eager to learn - at 8 weeks...
  10. merlin

    Governor of Ankara seeks closure of gay group....

    The governor of Turkey’s capital Ankara has asked the courts to order the closure of a newly-formed gay rights group, a move that could anger the European Union which has demanded Turkey guarantee freedom of expression. The Ankara governor’s office said the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural...
  11. merlin

    "Be" seeks trial users in London area for ADSL2+ service (24meg)....

    We are currently testing our new network and are inviting people who live in our pilot areas to become part of this very special community of pilot Be-ings. What is the pilot offer? Be home 24 meg is free in Aug and Sept - then just £20 a month for life No connection fee Up to 24 meg...
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