1. M

    seeking new friends in Izmir

    Hi All My names Matt, I am an English guy and have a Turkish partner living in Izmir. I have visited Izmir a number of times now and am keen to expand my circle of friends who live in the city and try and learn/improve my Turkish. My girlfriend is writing up her PhD so is very busy at the...
  2. O

    Seeking Native English Speaker Friends to hang out and to keep my English fit

    Hello Everybody, My name is Omer Faruk. I am a lawyer and live in Atakoy/Istanbul. I would like to meet and hang out with Native English Speakers to keep up my English. If you would be interested, please send me a email. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. J

    Seeking Traditional village house to rent

    Hi there, I am looking for a traditional village house to rent for 6 months, from 27th July, which has been renovated. A one or two bedroom with small garden with a degree of privacy would be nice. If anyone knows of anything I’d be grateful.
  4. J

    seeking traditional/stone house to rent

    I am looking for a stone or traditional village house to rent that has been modernised. Preferebly in a village location that maintains a degree of privacy. One bedroom and a smallish garden surrounded by green would be perfect. Cement built house considered but not aprtment or duplex, close to...
  5. J

    Seeking house to rent

    I am currently living in Datca and am urgently looking for somewhere to rent to call home. I really am taken with the area around Cirali and Olympos and was wandering if anyone knows of a house to rent in that vicinity that has 1 bedroom and a little garden. I prefer a traditional stone/village...
  6. J

    seeking cottage

    I am desperate to find somewhere to rent with 1/2 bedrooms that I can call home. If there is anyone out there that knows of a cottage style house that is idealy surrounded by green and perhaps a sea veiw please would you share the information with me.I don't want it to be surrounded by cement...
  7. G

    English Couple seeking Turkish Citizenship Advice

    Hello to everyone. We have been living in Turkey for nearly 5 yrs and have been told we can now apply for citizenship. Does anyone out there know the criteria for this application???? Cost per person. How the process works. How much of the language do we have to speak, we have learnt some of the...
  8. ceemac

    Turkey Seeking To Attract Share Of Bollywood Movie Production

    Turkey aims to become one of the movie sets for Bollywood, Indian film industry, which produces nearly 1,400 movies a year. Here C
  9. C

    Irish person seeking visa help!!!!

    Hello mandy and im new to the from southern ireland and i need some help regarding visas.....İ am in turkey at the moment living with my boyfriend...i have my 90 day visa but dont want to be going back and forth to kos for a renewal....i want to live here legally have a...
  10. H

    seeking urgently for a home....

    Hello out there Merhaba I am seeking to finaly find a home to rent in Altınkum, Antalya. I am working in Kiriş, so anything close to the main road would be perfect! And as well please keep in mind I work for turkish salary. Anyone out there who can help me to find asap a place to stay...
  11. Harem

    Desperately, urgently seeking new home ....

    I'm desperately, urgently seeking a new home for Prince, the last of our rescued dogs. He is about 2 years old and a very loving, loyal companion. He spent the whole of last year tied to a tree, receiving little or no attention. When I rescued him on 1st December last year he was nothing more...
  12. F

    Seeking property in Bodrum

    Hi everyone, We will be in Bodrum for a few weeks at the end of June and will be looking for a house or apartment. 3 bedrooms is a must. flexible about where in Bodrum. If anyone has anything for sale maybe they could get in touch. Maximum £50.000. Many thanks Claire
  13. M

    Desperately seeking advice about Yalikavak please

    My husband and I will be spending a week in Yalikavak in September with a couple of friends and their 1 year old. We will be staying at the 4reasons hotel, which is situated on a hill with what appear to be magnificent views of the peninsula. However, we are looking for suggestions on sandy...
  14. L

    desperately seeking sun loungers...

    anyone know of a good place to buy sun loungers in Kalkan or nearby? We looked when we were last there in March but had no luck, any leads from fellow Kalkanites would be good. Thanks, Lisa.
  15. Carolyn

    Desperately Seeking Susan

    Has anyone seen or spoken to Susan of silcone fame lately? I see she hasn't been on the forum for a little while now and I haven't seen her on MSN either.
  16. M

    English bulldog puppy seeking a new home

    I have an english bulldog that is 14 weeks old and she is home trained and carries on well with other pets and kids.she is on all vaccinations.she is in need of a new home where she can be loved and cared for.please if you are that familly contact me.
  17. M

    Seeking TLF Member

    Hi - I am trying to trace Akbukcyd as I need to contact her. I have PM'd her twice in the last week and had no reply. Does anyone know her and if she is still around? Thanks, Maisie
  18. N

    Desperately seeking Good Coffee Beans

    I must admit I am hooked on good real coffee which I grind every morning and enjoy every sip of it while looking at fantastic views from Karabag. Please can anyone tell me where can I buy good real coffee beans especially the one called After Dinner. If I can find this in Bodrum then I don't...
  19. K

    Desperately seeking wheels

    I am looking for a cheap little run around, if anyone knows anyone selling a car in Fethiye please let me know. I have a budget of around 15,000YTL and am so desperate to be mobile again i will consider anything though ideally i was thinking Palio or something similar. Getting Hubby to go car...
  20. C

    Thirty Something and Desperately Seeking Work

    Hi to all prospective employers I'm a 33 year old married lady with a 2 year old son who is actively seeking work in Turgutries/Bodrum (I'm trying to go about it the legal way!) and having quite a bit of knowledge in the "obtaining visas/work permits department" I know it's not going to be an...
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