1. IbrahimAbi

    mysterious seeds

    Mystery seeds are among potentially thousands of shipments reported this week in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, including about 100 cases in the UK. The packages have sparked biosecurity concerns and international investigations into their origins...
  2. G

    Re: Sesame seeds

    Re: Sesame seeds Hi, does anyone know where I could buy some black sesame seeds please? I have toasted white ones but need black ones for a recipe. I'm in the Manavgat/Side area! Thanks.

    Where to buy seeds in turkey

    A friend has been admiring the beautiful cabbage at the market here in Turgutreis. He would like to plant seeds of this cabbage in a poly-tunnel back in Ireland. He has searched the supermarkets and small shops here and no one is selling seeds. Where can they be bought please? Is there...
  4. J

    Grass seeds won't grow!

    Hi there, we have a problem with a patch of our grass. Last summer a neighbour's female dog peed on it incessantly and the grass died. A couple of months back we bought some grass seed and it has worked in other parts of the garden, but not this patch. Has anyone got any ideas please? I hate...
  5. Struggs

    Free pack of Tomato Seeds

    This offer was on last year as well, and they do not inundate you with loads of rubbish e'mails. Fantastic Free Tomato Seeds | Northamptonshire Presents Britain On Show
  6. J

    Grass seeds

    Hi there, does anyone know where I can buy grass seeds in the Didim area, or failing that Kusadasi? Cheers
  7. arrian

    Cabbage, coconut & mustard seeds

    these were mentioned recently in a thread, but i can't find it!!!! and i can't remember how it said to cook them! help please!!
  8. KKOB

    Consumer Tests Show 70% Of Seeds Are Already Dead

    Which? found that seven of the 17 vegetable seed suppliers it tested failed to meet the minimum germination requirements. Consumer tests show up to 73% of packet seeds are already dead | Mail Online
  9. flowerpotman

    Buying seeds in Turkey

    What vegetable seeds cant you get in Turkey. So what do you need to stock up on when you come to live here.
  10. Firebrand

    Pink powder on vegetable seeds

    Hi my husband recently brought back a packet of seeds from Turkey that had a pink powder on them. The pack said it was in line with the ministry of agriculture rules, etc, but it didn't say what it actually was. Does anyone know? Thanks
  11. Struggs

    Marigolds (seeds obtained in Altinkum)

    Whilst in Altinkum 3yrs ago, I picked up some seeds from roadside marigold plants that had gone to seed, and have been growing them ever since. Each plant flowers continually for 2yrs before dieing, but by then new plants have grown from dropped seeds, so I have continual colour in the garden...
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