1. bickern

    Stop paying for Harry and Meghan security costs

    The UK tax payers are expected to pay for Harry, Meghan and their son’s security costs, even though they no longer live in the UK and they are now private citizens. This is undemocratic. Harry and Meghan are no longer entitled to use ‘Sussex Royal’. Harry’s honorary military positions are...
  2. BjornAndMahnaz

    Looking for rekomendations for managing a 14-24 villa site

    Hi Our site is looking for offers to manage our site 'Akbuk Beach Villas', it is 24 villas that is looking for someone to manage Gardens, pools and security. The site is located just after Kerem site with the big flag by the traffic lights on the road to didim (before Migros). If you are...
  3. L

    Security Shutters

    Hi I haven’t posted on here for a long time, have just rejoined. Can anyone help in recommending a company in Dalaman that do either the pull down security shutters or bars for the windows and doors please. Would be very much appreciated. Thx
  4. A

    Steel doors - extra security

    Morning, I was wondering what people do to add extra security to their steel doors? Do people add locks where you can youu unlock the main door and the leave the door on a latch? Are these things quite easy to fit given the door is steel? Great to hear people’s ideas/solutions :)
  5. K

    House security - Turkey

    Neighbours have suffered what appears to be a professional burglary sometime between midnight and 5 am today June 2nd. Wallets and bags taken from their bedroom while asleep, only money stolen, police and scenes of crime officers have been all over the house thoroughly, but no fingerprints...
  6. K

    New Flight Security Measures

    For flights from Turkey and ME, see latest from TC issued in last hour. You may have seen on the news recently that the UK government have put new security measures in place on flights from Turkey and Egypt to the UK. This means some electronic devices are not allowed in your hand luggage and...
  7. bickern

    Problems With Android Security.

    Many whinge at Microsoft for instance, about updates and the fact that they do not like them, but patches helps to make it harder for the criminals to get a foothold or access to your system Keeping Android up to date should be easy as the updates and patches are out there, Google is actively...
  8. MiddleEarth

    Computer Security Simply Explained

    Malware is getting nastier, but that shouldn’t matter Apr 11, 2016 Malware: "an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs. It can...
  9. Jaycey

    Skype Security

    I’m getting 2 or 3 Skype contact requests every day from the strangest places – obviously I block them and report as spam :62yd: But has my Skype address been hacked somehow? I really wouldn’t want to change my Skype address. Has anybody any idea what is going on? Thanks
  10. Jaycey

    TLF Security?

    For the last couple of days I get this warning whenever I receive a mail from TLF. Is something amiss somewhere?
  11. beyazbayan

    airport security

    Flew from Gatwick this week. Only time the passport was checked was by Turkish Airlines staff. Asked the question do you scan them? Answer no we just check the details are as on your ticket. So much for the improved immigration control. Security was high at Sabiha Gökçen all hand luggage opened.
  12. juco

    Surprised? Increased security

    Is this another small step towards state control of the population? Met Police to increase armed officers to counter terrorism - BBC News
  13. suzyq

    Gov’t blocks access of 21 private hospitals to social security

    Unfortunately the article only names 1 hospital. If you are going to use private hospitals it would be wise to ensure they accept SGK even if you have used them before. The Social Security Institution (SGK) has unilaterally canceled its contracts with 21 privately run hospitals without citing...
  14. bal canavar

    Security Alert at G20

    SECURITY breech , I knew MIT , Turkish National Security Service employed undercover cats to do thier bidding , as seen in the Turkish elections . Bravo Russian RT getting the exclusive. Shows you Jaycey they are not just a Putin propaganda channel but a true investigative...
  15. SLEEPY

    Web based security cameras

    I know this has been covered in the past but I was wondering if anyone can recommend some sort of web based camera I can purchase in the Uk or Turkey. Really looking for something simple to set up.... that can be tracked via a phone. Some idiot tried to break into my house recently even with the...
  16. juco

    Hotmail security code issue

    I am sure others have already been caught out. I went to Ireland for a few days only to find I couldnt access my hotmail due to a change of location. They wanted me to enter my secure code, which I didnt have and answering their security questions went nowhere. They could have sent a secure code...
  17. suzyq

    100 Special Security Zones

    100+ Special Security Zones The number of “Special Security Zones” -- a new name for the infamous Emergency Rule Regions (OHAL) of the 1990s -- in Turkey's east and southeast is now over 100, media outlets reported on Wednesday. According to the Habertürk daily, the security forces have...
  18. Billy Joe

    Increased security.

    With recent events in Tunisia and the threat by IS of blood on the beaches in Turkey has there been any signs of increased security in the resorts.
  19. juco

    Airport security.

    It doesnt pay to get upset with delays etc...just take it in your stride. After something like a 15 hour delay on the return flight to the Uk and an overnight in the HILton Spa near Bodrum with free food & drink I thought I would air my views on their security. My hand luggage got searched 3...
  20. immac

    Security Operation

    What is going on around the Court House, Kipa and the main road? Yesterday there were police everywhere and today the same. Is there something happening? Ian
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