1. Struggs

    Edge saying TLF is not secure

    Yesterday downloaded the latest edge browser for windows 10, and it is saying TLF is not secure, never had this before, anyone know what this is about. Diane
  2. W

    Teb secure code sms

    I am just wondering whether anybody can come up with a solution to a really annoying problem being experienced at present. As with most banks I suppose, access to internet banking is governed by entering security details and having a one time passcode sent via sms to the user's registered...
  3. yalimart

    Not Secure

    I have just noticed that this site is "Not Secure" on the address bar, has that always been the case ? Martin
  4. D

    Owners Secure House Of Commons Debate

    Owners who contacted their local MP (25 MP's throughout the UK, spearheaded by Justine Greening, Putney) have been successful in achieving one of their goals, getting issues regarding the buying process, the Management Plan and fraud in Turkey raised in the House of Commons. Naomi Long (MP...
  5. N

    How secure is forum?

    Hi everyone I'm a new member and this is my first post. I just logged on to the site and a little message tells me that my last visit was 06.50 this morning. No way!! I didn't switch my computer on till 09.30. What's the experience of others - is this just a technical glich or something I need...
  6. A

    how to secure network

    I have a netgear wireless router how do I make the network secure Thanks in advance Glyn
  7. SonnyJim

    Dalaman Parking

    Want off road,secure, parking 28th Dec to 4th Jan(Going to UK) Any offers from expats in or near Dalaman.Will recipricate with accom when you are visiting Datca for a night or weekend! Thanks in advance for your consideration of this matter! Or has anyone opened off airport parking yet near...
  8. juco

    How secure is a bond?

    I have come across a situation where an estate agent offers a `bond` until such time the Tapu comes through and the property is therefore in the new owners name. Does anyone have any information on this as in how secure is this. The reason i ask is that it might be useful if one were to get a...
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