1. Q

    I thought Turkey was a secular country?

    I was under no delusions that the Turkish government believes in freedom of speech. Article 301 makes that pretty clear. Still, I'd thought Turkey at least remained a secular country, unlike pretty much every other major Muslim-majority country in the world. But now it appears that they're...
  2. Akasya

    Secularism in Turkey

    One of the things i most admire about Turkey is that the State is secular. I like the disestablishment of Religion in a States affairs. As a point of interest is the " Islamic " religion happy with this in Turkey. Thanks, Steve.
  3. ceemac

    Is Secularism a Myth?

    Some food for thought in this brief article here. Do those of you living in Turkey believe there is religious equality in the country? It's probably like most other places in that anyone doing or being something different than the norm is viewed with suspicion but maybe that's far too...
  4. R

    Secularism here to stay?

    The Republic of Turkey is run on a secularist ideology of the 1930's, secularism is based on materialism which is and ideology which basis itself on believing in something based on scientific facts. So under this ideology we need to have scientific facts to believe in something. On a silly...
  5. v6cod

    Huge rally for Turkish secularism

    From the BBC News Hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in Istanbul in support of secularism in Turkey, amid a row over a vote for the country's next president. The protesters are concerned that the ruling party's candidate for the post remains loyal to his Islamic roots. The...
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