1. mollag

    Official Secrets.

    Like a few other posters, I have been obliged to append my signature to the Official Secrets Act. I am sure I was told that the Act applies to everyone, and causing you to sign was just to bring your attention to the fact that it applied to you. My recollection may be wrong in this...
  2. bickern

    Secrets of learning a language — quickly

    It might sound like an impossible task, but according to language experts, you can learn basic communication skills in weeks and master the basics of a foreign language in several months. While you might not quickly reach the fluency that allows you to understand great foreign literature...
  3. Yalides

    Secrets of the living dolls

    On C4 last night. I swear I recognised a couple of TLFers on there.
  4. v6cod

    Secrets of Bird Photography

    Free book online, Secrets of Digital Bird Photography Very in depth and covers most everything you need to know.
  5. giglets

    Treblinka gives up more secrets

    800,000 souls perished in this hell-hole. The Nazis bulldozed the entire place, made it into a farm and even planted trees and flowers to hide their crimes. Now, modern technology reveals more of the terrible truth. BBC News - Treblinka: Revealing the hidden graves of the Holocaust

    The Handbook of the Life

    Hello again. My first book "Hayatın Kullanma Kılavuzu = The Handbook of the Life" is published. Erdoğan MERT İlk kitabım "Hayatın Kullanma Kılavuzu" çıktı. Bu kitapta bilimin ve dinlerin takıldıkları pek çok sorunun cevabını paylaşıyorum. Bu kitapta mantıklı, kolay anlaşılır, kesin...
  7. Squeaky

    Secrets of the Schengen visa

    Good afternoon: There have been lots of comments/complaints on the forum about the trials and tribulations involved in obtaining visas and residence permits to visit or live in Turkey. The following link is to an article expressing the views of someone on the other side of the fence concerning...
  8. ceemac

    The secrets of Sivrihisar

    “I’m in Sivrihisar,” I say to a couple of a Turkish friends. “Never heard of it!” they chorus. This is a rather strange reaction given that Sivrihisar has two things going for it that one might have thought would have earned it at least a soupcon of brand recognition. Here C
  9. P

    Post card secrets

    This blog is a little bit interesting... PostSecret
  10. S

    Discovering the secrets behind lure of 'Didimland'

    SERDAR ALYAMC IZMIR - Turkish Daily News The mayor of Didim talks about how the number of British residents in Didim is on the rise and how Didim has been turned into a giant construction site due to interest in it from abroad, with new houses going up every other day. 'There are even housing...
  11. merlin

    Delightful secrets.... Malaysia Nice article to share with you.... Turkey has a long and glorious history, even if it was not always known by its present name. LIM AI LEE explores Turkish delights from ancient Troy through the Ottoman centuries to the modern secular republic. FOR many years during the...
  12. R

    Five Secrets to a perfect Life

    1.It's important to have a woman who helps at home,who cooks from time to time,cleans up and has a job. 2. It's important to have have a woman who can make you laugh. 3.It's important to have a woman who you can trust and who doesn't lie to you. 4. It's important to have a woman who is good...
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