1. G

    Jet2 flights 2019 - legroom on standard seats

    Galaxy Boy and I are considering booking some Jet2 flights from Birmingham (BHX) to Antalya. Being only 5ft tall I've never had a problem with legroom on planes, but at just over 6ft tall Galaxy Boy is worried that standard seats will not give him enough legroom and his knees will be wedged up...
  2. suzyq

    Iran election: Reformists win all 30 Tehran seats

    Maybe a new beginning Allies of Iran's reformist President Hassan Rouhani have won a landslide victory in Tehran, in the first parliamentary vote since Iran signed a nuclear deal with world powers. Iran election: Reformists win all 30 Tehran seats - BBC News
  3. Spurs

    Two seats up for grabs

    Interesting what could happen today. Two by-elections & the big three parties are worried. Ukip has nothing to lose but plenty to gain. I have watched bits of the big three parties leaders speeches. To be honest Nick Clegg came over the best, he believes in what he says but Lib Dems just don't...
  4. G

    Van seats for sale

    Hi, I have 3 van bench seats for sale 2 x twin 1 x tripple. all with attached seat belts, they can be installed and removed when not required. removed from a ford transit. can be fitted with u bolts to any van. Grab a bargain. (I am open to offers as they are in the way now and our van has been...
  5. D

    baby bar seats

    What are the rules regarding what seats and what age child seats are needed in transferes from airport to Altinkum... should read "baby car seats"
  6. dande

    Two Seats Izmir-Gatwick £58!

    We have two seats for a Thomas Cook flight on Wednesday, 4th July, departing Izmir 21.30 and arriving London Gatwick 23.35. We paid £116 for the two seats which includes 20kg hold baggage for just one passenger and 5kg cabin baggage for both. As we no longer require these seats due to a...
  7. C

    hyundai minibus 9+1 seats

    2007 hyundai minibus starex crdi turbo diesel 46000 km ,owned from new, only private use with full service history with hyundai ,no accidents or new paint all original, good condition inside and out carpets still have origanal plastic covers there are curtains fitted,radio/c/dcassett, air...
  8. C

    Child Car Seats

    Hi Does anyone know where you can get good quality childrens car seats in Turkey? preferably in the Didim region? What did those of you who have moved over with small children do with regards to this when you moved over? we did take our own seat over when we took her when she was just a...
  9. thingthong

    When Do Flythomascook seats for 2011 go on sale?

    Anybody know of the dates that flythomascook goes on sale for 2011?:7:
  10. perfect1949

    who will get the 326 seats to govern

    who will get the 326 seat,s to run the country. or will it be a hung parliament . dave
  11. jcrian

    Child car seats

    AS OF June 2010, using child seats for children will be obligatory in vehicles. In accordance with the EU adjustment laws, the new Traffic Regulation will be in force as of 1 June. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Child seat law for cars
  12. V

    Thomas Cook seats awful

    Brilliant reviews of a gulet holiday around Bodrum in the Mail Online today - but the reviewer says his flights with Thomas Cook were awful despite paying £60 for two extra legroom seats behind the toilets! Turkey's Aegean Riviera: Soaking up Bodrum on a traditional gulet | Mail Online
  13. A

    Seats on Onur Planes

    Am i imagining things? is the legroom on Onur air planes less this year? Being well over 6'6" I notice even a small reduction in space. I have just returned from a great two weeks in Akbuk, but I am sure I have always had a little more leg room on the plane, perhaps they have squeezed an...
  14. immac

    Seats 'To Die For'

    From The Times June 26, 2008 In a plane crash safest seats are in aisle Study suggests the best location to get out alive from a burning aircraft By Ben Webster, Transport Correspondent It is the question that most nervous flyers ask themselves whenever they board an aircraft: where is the...
  15. immac

    Business Class Seats

    Which Airlines provide Business Class seats from Dalaman to UK and what are the best deals? Ian
  16. Marc

    Tata Twin Cab (seats 6 people) £8000

    Hi everyone, I guess this is a post for the residents as hopefully they have the information readily available. I have been trawling the websites for a car/pickup for our move out to Turkey. Having seen the price of 2nd hand cars and what little you get for £2-4k i have been told that I can...
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