1. I

    help needed to find out info on a seasonal worker

    Hi All Im worried, A lady friend has been having an online relationship with a seasonal worker in Didim and she is about to travel over and meet him, Id really like to know if anybody knows this guy and has any information on him Good or Bad, He may be a good guy, who knows, but she is 12 years...
  2. S

    Seasonal greetings Firefox

    Firefox, Seasons greetings Foxy as one independent minority Tlfer to another seasons greetings especially to you. May 2014 bring plenty more opportunities for us 2 to harvest thumbs downs, vitriol and general spite. Cheers Firefox
  3. R

    Apartment required for seasonal stay in Icmeler Marmaris

    Hello I am looking for an apartment to rent out in icmeler for the season from april to october, will also consider annual rentals. I would prefer a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, fully furnished! If anyone can help me with this, would be great. Thankyou
  4. Harem

    A Seasonal Request

    A Seasonal Request Now I've tried all the normal approaches All the pick-ups an' chat-ups an' stuff Tried mi hand at so-phistication Wi' some girls who were nowt if not rough I've been seen down the discos an' dances Bought cocktails for them as were broke In mi quest for the perfect...
  5. G

    seasonal greetings

    A happy new year to everyone - may all your wishes come true
  6. H

    Seasonal Affective Disorder - SADS

    Hi, Not sure if I have posted this in the relevant forum but it was the best match I could find. I was just wondering, what with the onset of Autumn and darker nights here in the UK, if anyone who had previously suffered with this seasonal depression in the UK has benefitted health wise from a...
  7. KKOB

    Post Seasonal Delicacy ?

  8. I

    Seasonal Greetings

    Hi all, I would like to wish everyone on this forum a very merry Christmas and a Healthy new year. I hope 2007 will be a good year for Turkey. I bought a off-plan villa in Akbuk, which should be ready for September 2008. I have the option of keeping the villa or selling it back to the...
  9. murdo

    Property prices, seasonal??????

    On one webpage I browsed, it suggested that you may find prices are lower in Winter. Is this the case? Another said that buyers who could pay whole lot up front could be offered discounts??? I would have thought prices were "fixed" or do people haggle. I am useless at haggling!! Feel guilty...
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