1. S

    New Season

    As Turkey prepares to reopen initially to domestic tourism hopefully followed by the vital income brought by tourism from abroad are members planning hols there this season
  2. bickern

    We are about to enter the BBQ season

    PLEASE TAKE NOTE, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. BBQ RULES: We are about to enter the BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events are put into motion: (1)...
  3. S

    Start of season

    So all you lucky Turkey owners and visitors here we are early season 2018 Are you ready to jet of to gorgeous Turkey? Plans to do different stuff when you get there- or is the relaxing familar enjoyable routine what you prefer? Come on let's hear a bit about your upcoming season and make us...
  4. S

    Season opens

    So it all starts today Great to have something to watch on Tv most nights for the next 8'months
  5. H

    Bars restaurants shops open out of season

    Which bars restaurants and shops tend to stay open out of season? Thanks
  6. Akasya

    Season Greetings

    Jackie and Steve say , a very Joyous and Merry Christmas to one and all. Peace and Harmony Steve N Jackie. Loving Awareness Transcends
  7. D

    FANTASY CRICKET 2015 Season.

    If your taking part in this year's, Daily Telegraph Fantasy Cricket. Please come along and join My League below. You get one team that is free to play. LEAGUE NAME - Payneful to Play. PIN NUMBER - 8056816
  8. Sunny Seasider

    As we head into the Winter Season.

    The end of the Summer Season is nigh! As the clocks go back one hour at 2 a.m tomorrow and the dark nights and mornings are upon us, are you ready for the Winter Season? I like the 4 seasons, Wintertime darkness does not bother me. For me it means, good hearty Soups, Casseroles, Sunday...
  9. B

    End of Season Party

    A little birdie told me that: Sofi’s restaurant its having its annual ‘End of Season Party Night Buffet’, Tuesday 14th October, at 7.30pm. All are welcome to come and join the party and have lots of fun with the staff. The Hot & Cold Buffet is served 8pm to 9pm. The buffet includes – chıcken...
  10. W

    All season tyres

    I am going over to Turkey next week and returning in January 2015. Have tried without success to get all season tyres (ie M + S markings) but no tyre supplier has any in stock (unbelievable really). Does anyone know if they are available in Turkey as I will require them before returning via...
  11. Fran Dessop

    Mosquitoes this season?

    How are the mosquitoes this season? The weather looks very hot... and it looks like getting hotter. Family out in two weeks time, can't wait. Fran
  12. Sunny Seasider

    Mens trend this season,

    It's not the man bag boys,,,,,,,,,,,, Sandals, or FlipFlops, (you choose), with Socks is the fashion this summer! See our Sleepy is way up there again, he has to be the TLFs' fashionista, he mentioned this right at the start of the season. What are your thoughts Everyone? A good Flip, or a Flop.
  13. newhorizon

    Schumacher and dawn of a new F1 season..

    Start of the new era in F1 shadowed by.... ..darkness. Happy New Year All. I know I'm a month late but glad January is over and now I can start the New Year. This year 2014. But is it the same for everyone? The end of 2013 for me was shadowed by a huge sadness with the shocking news of...
  14. S

    New season nears

    Well we are into Feb now so maybe only 6/8 weeks until new season if us holiday makers going on our annual pilgrimage to our beloved Turkey. Are members already making plans for must dos in their 2014 season?
  15. T

    Accommodation to rent for season

    Me and two mates are coming to marmaris for the season to work. Do any of you lovely people know of any apartments that are available for rent from April till the end of October? We're looking for 3 bed :)
  16. bickern

    Season about to draw to a close

    Well, October is nearly upon us and we will slowly see the restaurants putting the shutters up (well plastic sheeting at any rate). If the greedy ones do not open next season then I for one will certainly not lose any sleep, but I really hope that the genuine traders have made enough to pay all...
  17. B

    INFO: Sophie's restaurant ''End of Season Party''

    Sofi's restaurant is having its end of season closing party this Friday, 4th October at 7.30pm. All are welcome: A special DJ will be playing 70,80s music. Join in the party and have lots of fun with the staff. Please book your table in advance, 30tl per person = 'Punch' on arrival + hot &...
  18. K

    The fire season again

    Driving home to Datca from Aktur after midnight last night the mountain was on fire up beyond Emecik. We had heard sirens earlier in the evening, and there must have been 20+ fire tenders, including some from Marmaris. It was under control, but it's so dry now that just a cigarette end or a...
  19. H

    New season restaurant bitez

    Last week we had dinner in New Season Restaurant on the beach in Bitez. Two of us had chicken fajitas, which was a very tasty, not to spicy, dish. Everything was good value for money and we enjoyed the dinner. Because we had a good experience we went back yesterday evening with a group of 8...
  20. S

    New season

    Sitting here in freezing snow and sleet for the past few days another summer of sun, Efes and donkeys cannot come quick enough. As I have said previously we may do a bit of touring this season. Anyone else planning on travelling about to other areas this year?
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