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    Alanya- Mahmutlar 1 bedroom seaside appartment for sale

    Hi All, I want to advertise my 1+1 appartment located near the sea and at the center of the coastal resort of Mahmutlar. I am open to any suggestion and offers. Pictures can be viewed at barbaros appartement | Foto's Turkije | Vakantie | MijnAlbum - Fotoalbum Gratis Online! It is priced around...
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    Looking for seaside villa near Ephesus

    I am a British resident of Istanbul looking for a 3 bedroomed place to rent for the family, within an hour of Ephesus. Must have access to a pool and would like it to be within walking distance of the beach and shops/places to eat as we don't plan to have a car. From July 31st for 2 to 3 weeks.
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    Seaside Park

    Anyone invested in this development? I'm trying to get an idea of what progress might have been made on the development. I think i can see it half built in the right hand background of picture three of the photos posted in the 'weekend in Gulluk' post. Can anyone shed any light? ta Jason
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    long term rent Seaside Complex Caliş

    3 bedroomed semi detached villa on the seaside complex caliş next to the dolmush station. This villa is available fully furnished (all you need bring is your toothbrush and clothes) Would prefer long term rental. owned by english couple . Rental of 900 ytl per month includes all maintenance...
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    Gundogan seaside residences?

    Gundogan Has anyone heard or been to Seaside residence. its a complex about 4km from Gundogan. Please let me know your views if you have. Also how far is Gundogan to bodrum airport.
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