1. A

    Problems with searching

    Hello. I am having trouble with a laptop. I am connected to the internet and have tried Chrome and Firefox. When I try to connect to a site eg I can reach the results page but then all I get is a message at top left hand corner showing connecting but it never does. I have cleared...
  2. A

    Searching for work (Babysitting/Hotel)

    Hello I'm searching for some work. I prefer to work in a hotel in Belek/Bogazkent as Guest Relations, as i know Flemish, French, English and German, and some Turkish. Or Babysitting. Experienced in Belgium 3 years. (baby's, toddlers and 6-10 year olds). Light housecleaning is an option...
  3. northpole

    Searching Out A Job

    l wondered if someone is in the know about how to advertise on websites of the jobs l am after.l tryed Gumtree,and made a right Balls of it.And also l looked at the job center vancancies which had nothing of's all call centers and work that pays well below the minimum wage. l would...
  4. B

    2 beautiful neutered garden cats searching for a home

    These 2 loving cats are one year old and have been on our site since they were about 2 weeks old. Their mother dumped them so they haven't learnt anything about fighting or looking after themselves.They have been happily living on our site since then. Both have been neutered and so will not...
  5. Y

    Searching for a job for 2 months

    Hello Everybody; I have lots of time recently. I was planning to study in summer school but I had some changes in my plans and I would like to earn some money in following two months (since I'm financing myself). I have no qualifications that I can justify :) But I had some work done before...
  6. S

    Actively Searching For 12 Month Rental

    Hi, We shall be moving to Turkey from Dec 9th and will be actively searching for a reasonably priced furnished place in Bodrum/Mugla area any advice, info, hints and tips would be appreciated thanks :16vf:
  7. S

    Searching for apartment/villa in Turgutreis in July

    Hi, I'm new at this forum and would first like to thank you for all this information available here. Our family is planning a holiday in Bodrum area in July. We reserved flights to Kos because they were cheaper and we planned to get to Bodrum by ferry. Now I've searched an apartment for our...
  8. A

    Searching a Dogsitter in Dalaman

    ....anybody out there who can help me? Need to find a Dogsitter who takes care of my "babies" as long as I am not on site. If someone know somebody who loves dogs, like to go out for a walk and has time to take good care of them will please get in contact with me. I am thankful for any idea.
  9. M

    Searching for Utku

    has anyone seen Utku? i have sent him several emails and had no reply. i If anyone is in Hillside or going shortly can you pop in and see if everything is ok in Apollon F6. I was out here in June and wont be there until early next year. Hope you all have a good new year out here.:crying:
  10. peter the postie

    After some soul searching.....

    I have decided to do my bit and become a donor should I die.
  11. D

    Searching for Turkish song, please help!

    Hi there. A long time ago i saw Michael Palin's New Europe show, and he was in Turkey. He went to some small restuarant in Istanbul and this beautiful girl came up to him and started singing what sounded like a beautiful song. I am wondering if anyone knows what song this was? Can you give me...
  12. T

    Searching for Gary Vines

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gary Vines as I last heard he had left Altinkum and gone to Fetiye possibly to an emlaks office. Any news would be appreciated.
  13. PhilCo

    Searching for 'our alien origins'

    I'll be watching this tonight.... In July 2001, a mysterious red rain started falling over a large area of southern India. Locals believed that it foretold the end of the world, though the official explanation was that it was desert dust that had blown over from Arabia. But one scientist in...
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