1. bickern

    Turkey: Avalanche buries search team, 33 killed

    Death toll rose to 33 after rescue workers were buried under an avalanche in eastern Turkey, authorities said on Wednesday. Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) reported the death toll from Wednesday's avalanche, adding, 53 people were injured in the disaster. Mehmet Emin...
  2. juco

    Military search lifted.

    This should be a great help but I am sure they will find another way to scam. Voices:
  3. S

    DNA Ancestry search

    Thinking of trying one of these Ancestry searches where they check your DNA right back to your original roots giving your real nationality source and maybe even famous families you could be related to Would be a complete hoot if for example I was related to Prince Philip-or if other members...
  4. S

    Wee Maddy search continues

    Hard to believe that 10 years have passed Madeleine McCann: police given funds to extend probe for another six months -
  5. T

    Police search, 8 Year Old Sexual Assaulted - Do you know this man?

    A Photo of this 'male species' the police are looking for is in the link below, after an 8 year old girl was sexually assaulted in Gregg's (Leeds)!!!. If you live in the Leeds area Please keep your eyes peeled :( "An eight-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in a Greggs bakery in Leeds while...
  6. suzyq

    Turkey's First Kurdish Language Search Engine

    Turkey’s first search engine in the Kurdish language has gone online after five years of technical work, research and development. The search engine, called “Sekretin” – meaning success in Kurdish – will also have a video-sharing website in the next few months, its manager Serdar Anuştekin told...
  7. R

    End of Miltary Search???

    Mm mm... interesting. Today been told by a estate agent (Emlak) that military searches for foreign buyers were abolished about six months ago. Talking Bodrum area in the conversation. Anyone know about this? Hard to believe as I know of many Emlaks, middlemen etc still taking money to process...
  8. M

    Turkish company search

    is there a turkish equivalent of the company house like that in the uk? i want to check the credentials of a company in turkey which i am going to deal with(non property related).is there a web site i can go to in order to see the performance of that company and check it,s profile. many thanks
  9. bickern

    Police to publish stop and search

    Police will have to reveal online the location of all stop and searches; details will include the reason for each stop and if anything was found. The online data will also include the age and background of each person. Police will be made to publish a street-by-street guide detailing every time...
  10. RustyDalyan

    TLF search function with Samsung Galaxy Note3

    Can't use the search function on here, on my android. Just bounces me back to page I was looking at, can't enter any search data. Techie TLF people can you help? Thank you :)
  11. B

    Search Engines brought into line.

    BBC News - Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images This should have happened a long time ago, if possible all internet sites should be blocking this kind of perversion. Bill.
  12. L

    Free eBook Search for Seniors

    Hi Just promoting a search site that I have just become author of the week on! :Wales: In it you will find 'free' or 'bargain' books and tips how to use your Kindle. Hope it is useful to you. Lynda Free Ebook Search for Seniors: Featured Author of the Week Ceri Bladen
  13. Y

    caddesi search

    Hi. I am looking at buying a property in Kavakli Sarnic Caddesi, and wondered if anyone could help me lovate whee it is in relation to the village. Thanks
  14. Firebrand

    The search for Noah's Ark

    For those who are able to view ITV on player, I would highly recommend watching this programme that was shown last night. Not least of all because Joanna Lumley is a joy to watch. Filmed on Ararat, and in Mardin, amoungst other places.
  15. christella

    military search

    my friend in Didum applied for milatry search last may and has not heard anything i know it was stopped till august but is there a problem
  16. Helenm150

    Gumusluk-Military Search

    Good morning, can anyone kindly advise the current cost of Military Search in the Gumusluk area - and how quickly they are coming through these days? Many thanks, Helen :blowkiss:
  17. Spurs

    Military search stopping

    Just been told (today) that Didim Tapu Office is not taking apps from Brits till further notice; The Law is in the process of getting changed, the last time the property purchacing law was changed it took atleast 12 months, so be careful what you do, it could be that you pay your money & it...
  18. T

    Search of Turkish Relative

    Hello, My name is Yousef Kadry. I am Canadian of Iraqi origin. My family has inherited from ancestors, some land in the city of Basrah in Iraq. We share this land with the family of a Turkish citizen who lived in southern Iraq sometimes around World War I! This man's name was: MUSTAFA THURAYA...
  19. Y

    Toaster search

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me a good place to buy a decent toaster? Tried Arcelik and no go! Thanks
  20. V

    Army search

    could someone tell me how i would be able to check my army search and when it would be completed would be very grateful for any info members could offer me :smile:
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