1. thingthong

    Thompsons Water Seal Ultra(One Coat)

    Hi Just watched a documentary where the DIY guy recommended the above product Has anyone seen it for sale around the Bodrum Peninsula? Many thanks T.
  2. Yildez Datca

    Badem, the famous seal.

    Walking through the harbour yesterday afternoon I was surprised to see our old friend Badem - not himself (or herself, not actually sure!!!) but a gi-normous marble statue!!! Perhaps SonnyJim can post a photo? - I still haven't worked out how to do it.
  3. HelenSnowball

    Baby seal - show off, needing a tummy tickle

    Meet the incredible smiling seal! How an intrepid photographer crawled across the ice on his stomach to get these amazing images | Mail Online
  4. John LeNeve

    SEAL team 6

    News reports today that US Navy SEAL team 6 was decimated in an attack in Afganistan. 20 members of SEAL team 6 were among those killed when a Taliban rocket took out a Navy transport helicopter. SEAL team 6 was the one who took out Bin Laden. Sad but it is war isn't it.
  5. H

    Seal killed and found in Yalikavak

    It seems that human cruelty does not have any limits, so sad. From Hürriyet Daily News: In the popular resort town of Yalıkavak, near the Bodrum district, a Mediterranean seal in protected breeding waters was found beaten and shot to death... Mediterranean seal attacked, killed near Bodrum -...
  6. ceemac

    Mediterranean seal Badem chooses to avoid tourist season

    Badem, probably the most famous Mediterranean Monk Seal, is back in Turkey after taking herself on a tour of the Greek island of Rhodes during the winter months. Here C
  7. zozatky

    The Irish Dancing Seal...

    Dailymotion - Sea Lion Irish dance Contest - a Animals video
  8. Lindacm

    Seal Sighting

    Went for a walk along Dalaman beach this morning and saw a large seal swimming in the sea. It was about 50-60mtrs from the beach and straight in front of us. We watched it for about 5mins before it swam off Has anyone else seen seals in this area before? Linda
  9. northender1

    Thompsons Water Seal

    I need to use something like Thompsons Water Seal on our villa as a temporary measure this winter, but have tried looking in Koctas & can't find any. Anyone know where I can buy this, or is there a Turkish equivalent?
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