1. yalimart

    Pure Scum Martin
  2. yalimart

    Thugs, Scum and Hooligans

    That's the thoughts of a woman thought to be a future leader of the conservative party, when talking about the disabled and pensioners at her tax payer and pensioner funded office whilst doing her tax payer and pensioner funded job. Outrage as Tory MP claims she felt threatened by a 'thug gang'...
  3. B

    Taliban scum captured

    Pakistan arrests Peshawar school massacre suspects - Al Jazeera English Children massacred in Pakistan school attack - Al Jazeera English It's taken some time, but it's good to see that some of these low life are being brought to...
  4. altinkum kev

    Lineker's bar,scum bag.

  5. S

    Evil scum

    Taken along with the recent case of the scumbag who put a cat in a microwave, then a freezer and finally a spin drier I firmly believe those who abuse animals like this will also abuse kids. Sentences should reflect this . BBC News - Edwin Poots in appeal over 'seal killings' in NI
  6. jane2005

    Dirty Filthy Scum !!!!!!!

    Nope, this is not a name and shame slagging off thread............... Just wondered if anyone had any advice on getting a cast iron bath sparkly clean. Ha Ha. Nice to see everyone on the forum is still as 'friendly' as ever. X
  7. N

    Dirty scum

    Hello I have been ripped off in Altinkum by some individuals. Watch this space!!! i will reveal all in good time. Mike
  8. lorraine

    Brits. Scum low life!!!

    Proud to be British, you are joking!!!! Not one to come in this part of the forum but I have just learnt of a Turkish person I am proud to call a friend hospitalised after being badly beated by.........2 Brits Aparently they are 19year old Scott William Rutherford and his Father Christopher...
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